New Flavor Boosts now available

Hi all

We’ve launched our new range of Flavor Boosts in the US in 8 great flavors:

These are all natural flavors and are naturally sweetened with stevia so they work well with either Vanilla Huel or Unflavored Unsweetened - just adjust the amount to what you desire. These are all improved from the previous range and there are now no artificial flavor components.



Looking forward to these, defiantly worth a try!


I’d like to try the chai, but $12 is a steep price. I was already pretty hesitant about $9 for the flavor packs. I didn’t even keep my strawberry subscription past the first order because it was decent enough but certainly not enough that I thought it was worth it. I wanted a bit more strawberry flavor but if I add anymore than I do, I get an unpleasant taste instead of stronger strawberry taste.

Hey Alex! Totally hear you, but to be fair, since we improved the ingredients, the price has to reflect that as well to balance out. A different way to think about it is that it’s $12 for 75 servings or about $0.16 per boost. Part of the improvement to the recipe is all natural ingredients, so maybe you’ll be more into the strawberry this time around. Plus, it’s pink now! :heartpulse:

Perhaps. I guess I can be pretty skeptical about it because I have the perspective of living with a pretty strict budget so the price difference is huge for me.

Was impressed to see how Huel did things to color without adding food dyes. Red beet powder is an interesting way. I’ve definitely used beets before for coloring and it’s surprising how little beet flavor comes through when used properly.

So does this mean that ALL flavor boosts shipping are the NEW flavors/formula? That is to say you will no longer be shipping any of the old formula products (including current/grandfathered subscriptions)?

Were the flavors just $9? Now they are $12!

The price has increased on flavor boosts due to new ingredients.

Correct. We are no longer shipping the previous version of the flavor boosts. Subscriptions that already had flavor boosts before the switch, will get the new version but at the same price of $9, unless any changes are made to the subscription, at which point the new price will be reflected.

Just received the Chai with my order of two bags of vanilla Huel. It’s quite wonderful! Thanks.


New flavors arrived at my house today. Today I taste tested the caramel flavor additive. I first did a “control” dose of 1 scoop vanilla Huel + 1/3 teaspoon of Huel caramel flavor + 200 ml water and (gasp) used a shaker. I just wanted to see what it was like in it’s unadulterated state. Pretty good. It enhanced the already good taste of the vanilla Huel. The amount I added was small, so the taste was subtle but noticeable.

Then I did 2 scoops of vanilla huel + 1 teaspoon Huel caramel + peanut butter + 400 ml milk/water mix, blended. This was very tasty. I made it for the misses tomorrow when she’s at work. She took a taste and approved as well.


It’s only a Deron recipe if peanut butter is involved! Sounds like a delish mix though.

What’s scariest about your post is that I just finished a Huel-based meal using peanut butter probably as you were writing this.

Ok, folks. Caramel flavor was good. Today’s taste test was the new apple cinnamon. I was skeptical. I didn’t pull punches when it came to my opinion on the old strawberry (yuck) and banana (double yuck) Huel flavor additives. And this is despite the fact that I regularly enjoy real strawberry, banana, and applesauce in my Huel mixes. So I was skeptical about another fruit-based Huel flavor additive.

Not to get too dramatic, but [slow clap] job well done. The apple cinnamon is good. As before, 200 ml water + 1 scoop vanilla Huel + 1/3 teaspoon apple cinnamon flavor, shaken not stirred. Good. Passed the basic taste test. Mild flavor, but not overpowering.

Then, I was ready for a new creation. I had just finished a 20 hr fast and workout. It was time for a serious meal. I placed 3 scoops of Vanilla Huel + 1 teaspoon Huel Apple Cinnamon flavor in microwave-safe bowl. Poured in a bit of milk and mixed/stirred with a fork till it was a thick consistency. Microwaved for 2 minutes. It thickened and smelled up the kitchen like hot fresh oatmeal. Had to thin a little bit with some water and milk. Heated for another 30 seconds. I then spooned some natural peanut butter periodically onto the top and ate the whole thing while drinking a liter of water. Taste was very nice. And, it’s been a while since I’ve done 3 Huel scoops in a meal. Filling. Very filling. It’s kinda like a porridge / oatmeal type of consistency. And because there’s already a boatload of protein in this, no need to fire up the pan to make eggs or sausage. It’s really one of the most convenient, filling breakfasts I’ve had in a while. And it’s nice to have it hot.

Caramel flavor: 2 Deron thumbs up. Would order again
Apple cinnamon flavor: 2 Deron thumbs up. Would order again.

The new flavors seem a bit more potent than the old ones. I didn’t have to use as much as before to get the taste through to the final product. An improvement in taste and having it last longer more than makes up for the $3 incremental price increase compared to the old flavors.


Whoa, 2 Deron thumbs up is unprecedented! Thank you for your feedback on the new flavors. I didn’t think to heat up my Apple Cinnamon Huel, but I think that’s a winter recipe must.


The new Mocha flavor boost is great. Nice job. And I feel the new all-natural aspect is certainly worth the extra few pennies per serving. Wondering what the caffeine content of this new formula is in relation to the previous (now discontinued) Cappuccino boost. I like having that little bit of caffeine kick around lunchtime :wink:


New chocolate is wayyyyy too sweet. This ruined a good thing. This one is a total miss. Don’t mind paying more if there was an improvement. But please rethink this “improvement” 5 thumbs down for a normally 5 star product.

Chocolate Mint is really good. I was worried I would burn out on it, but I crave the stuff still.

How much caffeine is in the Mocha flavor?

Maybe try using less? Or you could skip the boost altogether and try some unsweetened cocoa powder. I myself appreciate Huel making the new boosts sweet, but I can understand that not everyone would like that!

I think they list it on the site. If I remember, it’s roughly 30 mg per teaspoon. About half the amount per 6 - 8 ounce of coffee.

A 1/2 tsp. (3g) serving of our Mocha Flavor Boost contains 32mg of caffeine which is about 1/3-1/2 the amount of a cup of coffee. If you’re in need of more of a boost, simply add more flavor to your Huel.

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