New Flavor Boosts now available


Thanks! I just placed an order for Caramel, Mocha, and Apple Cinnamon, so I’ll report back after it comes.


Mocha is great. Very chocolatey, with the coffee taste present but subtle.
Caramel is good, too. I was worried it would be too strong, but it’s just right.

Didn’t like apple cinnamon. The apple flavor tastes too much like candy for me.
Also tried strawberry and didn’t like it for the same reason.


I got some and I am looking forward to it. :slight_smile: I am actually pretty sick of making my own flavors, and it can get expensive. Plus, you are adding a lot of calories without balanced nutrition. I just had a Barry Huel today where I had to use 2 1/2 cups of berries. Also, making more complicated flavors on my own like the ones you have is annoying, so I think it will be a lot easier for me just to use the flavor boosts. I still plan to have some savory options, but those flavors aren’t that hard to do because you can just use some broth and some Mrs. Dash. Also, if you tried to add your own spices like your own cinnamon for example, it can be very gritty and not distribute well although Mrs. Dash isn’t like this for some reason. Mrs. Dash is really the only outside flavor I have added where I felt like it was worthwhile and I will stick to it. The flavor boost will be a lot better because I can add things like mint chocolate chip, but the calories will not go up. If I add my own chocolate or peanut butter, that will make the calories go up a lot. You can say that I should just eat less then, but what if I am hungry, and also, I would rather have more calories where I am getting balanced nutrition instead of giving a lot of my calories to something that isn’t very healthy like chocolate. So now, I can have mine taste like mint chocolate chip, but it will only add like 8 cal to my whole meal, which is really negligible. I could add 8 cal just by scooping a tiny bit more by mistake. Although, I wish you could add some savory ones like tomato herb, garlic mushroom, split pea soup, creamy potato, and things like that. But with the savory options, it is a lot easier to make your own flavor boost because you can just mix together some sodium free bullion and Mrs. Dash. Using Mrs. Dash is kind of cheating though because they mixed together like 12 different things that would be a real pain do you have to mix up on your own all the time. If the savory flavor boosts ever did come out though, I would just use them instead of what I am currently doing.