Mixing dry huel

I like the combination of the chocolate, peanut butter and caffe latte. But I’ve recently decided to cut back my lunch huel to 2 scoops. So I’m planning on getting a huge sealable container and dumping a fresh bag of each of my favorite flavors in it. Any suggestions on how I should properly mix all three flavors together so that when I get 2 scoops I’m getting the same 33% of each flavor? Could I use a kitchen aid mixer to gently mix all three powders together?
I guess I’m looking for ideas of what everyone else does that likes too many huel flavors to just have one at a time.


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This is such a good question

I don’t think i have any containers large enough for three bags of Huel

Do share what you learn :slight_smile:

I would probably put it in a giant pot and blend it with a hand mixer or like a cake mixer on a low setting! If you don’t mind me asking, how does this 3 powder mix taste like? :yum::heart_eyes:

this is what I was thinking about, because I couldn’t find a container big enough either.



I don’t have a hand mixer, but I did get my dad a kitchen aid stand mixer for Christmas one year, thats why I was thinking of using that. If this all works and I’m going to make this my new routine, then I might look in to a giant pot and a hand mixer.

As for taste, it’s amazing, you should try it. I use a blender and ice, but sometimes the different flavor’s still don’t mix up correctly. So sometimes you can get a stronger taste of one of the flavors over the combination, but most of the time it’s smooth combination.

I have actually recommended that to huel consumers before. I have one of those for DE.

Ok, so you have the storage… I’m curious how you are going to achieve the level of thorough mixing you are looking for. Dump 3 bags into giant bin and shake may not be enough to be sure you have an even blend. :slight_smile:

I would use either the kitchen aid mixer like you mentioned or just a large wire whisk and a big bowl. you could also just scoop even portions out into whatever the largest bowl you have and hand mix with a whisk or large spoon.

I’d suggest getting the largest pot you have and putting equal amounts of all three in it (I assume you’ll have to do this in batches). Fill the pot about half way, then stir thoroughly with a whisk or spoon. My impression is that using the mixer will be tedious, due to the bowl size, but if it works for you then great!

You guys are over-complicating this.

Try this: get a large cylinder that you can seal. Maybe a large oatmeal container like THIS

Fill it, secure lid, lay on its side and roll! Maybe 5-10 minutes or until thoroughly mixed. No electricity or hand tools needed!! Same basic idea behind a cement mixer.

why not just keep them in their respective bags and mark the scoop to equal the measurement you need for a 2-scoop total meal?

Thank you all for your suggestions.

I was totally over complicating the problem. The solution is simple. In order to use 3 different flavors of huel for a 2 scoop drink I need to know what the volume of the huel scoop is, which is 94cc (according to the bottom of the new white scoops). Then you multiply that by 2 and get 188cc, which is the same as 188mL (according to google, I didn’t know that). Then you divide 188mL by 3 so that 3 scoops will equal two regular huel scoops and you get 62.66mL. Then you convert that to imperial and it is about 1/4 cup (.2611cups). So all I have to do is use a 1/4 cup of each flavor :slight_smile:

I also double checked the Huel forums and found this
And you take 3/4cup and divide it by 3 and you get 1/4cup, so it works out.

Thanks again for all your suggestions.

you beat me by 2 minutes :stuck_out_tongue:

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