Unopened Huel - what to do?

Hi! So, I did eventually just purchase the powder. It is a bit of a cost savings from the ready made, and in the end, there was positive talk about flavor. Well, I tried my best, and it just just undrinkable. I don’t have the stomach for it, so will start buying the bottles, cost be damned. Considering how this will help with some issues I have, this or something similar is a must. And, well, I like the bottles.

Anyway, I have a bag of unopened Huel, and I don’t know how to offload it. Anyone have suggestions?

Have you tried mixing with an immersion blender or a nutribullet or blender? Tools help immensely with smoother consistency. Using milk/nutmilk or coffee or juice will also improve from basic. Then there is a range of fruit, veg, pantry items, including your spice rack…

Consider: when was the last time you baked a potato and enjoyed it without butter & salt? (Or corn on the cob, or pasta with no sauce/gravy) i concede that having “extra steps” might be more than the RTD but if you think of default Huel as.a starting point for creative food-prep, it’s more complete nutrition than most easy/quick food.

If you try any of thos suggestions with the opened bag you have and still aren’t interested, please donate to a foodbank in your community.

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Thanks for the response! I unfortunately have tried all you mentioned. Different blending tools, different shakers, many different flavor combos and liquids, different liquid ratios as well. I have combed through this forum and tried almost an entire bag’s worth of variation in prep. Just no dice.

But, I appreciate the food bank suggestion. I hadn’t considered taking this there (I take produce, so why not this!) so will contact the few I volunteer at to see if they can use this.

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Hey @kohanai,
Bummed to hear you did not enjoy your powder but appreciate you being so thoughtful about using it and not letting it go to waste! Another big pro tip I have is cooking your Huel into food! We have a lot of fun recipe suggestion here that you can play around with: Huel | Creative Huel Recipes to Try at Home
Let me know if you end up trying any :blush:

@Maksim_Huel Appreciate the suggestion, but I won’t be cooking it into food. It isn’t worth it to me to mix it into my solids. A smoothie or similar, sure. The reasons I am looking into your product don’t lend to a solution of adding to food. I just hope one day you guys are able to provide sample size purchases so others don’t land in this position :slight_smile:

I’d take it off your hands if you were near me (California bay area). I actually prefer the powder to the ready-to-drink bottles. Yes, the powder isn’t as smooth but I actually like the texture.

I suggest using it as just one ingredient in a smoothie rather than drinking it straight.

I know you don’t intend to use it as a food ingredient. I occasionally throw a scoop into pancake mix, waffle mix, muffin batter, or cookie dough, and it works well. You get some additional nutrients in the food and the flavor and texture aren’t altered. That’s one way to use up the bag without drinking it.

Try to mix with almond milk - my favorite for a dessert type sweet taste is vanilla sweetened almond milk. The brand I use is roughly an extra 20 carbs or so per shake. I also keep the unsweetened original it mixes really well with the Huel.

I don’t mind water and Huel! But almond milk kind of thickens it, makes the taste more flavorful to me.

Which flavors did you try? I have Vanilla Black and I add a little Oatmilk to the water and it’s good. I’m not sure if any powder is great?

Have you tried adding things to it to improve the flavor? And are you talking about unflavored or one of the flavored releases? Personally I don’t like those; they have that artificial sweetener taste that I despise, but I do like the plain/unsweetened with other things mixed in (like sugar, spices, bananas, fruits, and my favorite - miso). Also Soylent powder (Huel’s competitor and the originator of the field) is good with bananas, sugar, and spices.

I use the bottles occasionally - usually Soylent’s breakfast drinks - but they are more expensive and not good for the environment. Why not save money and do a little something for the planet by using the powder?