What if I mix it the night before?

I just made my first order of huel.
I’m trying to loose weight and thinking this would be good lunch meal replacement instead of heading to store and buying deli or sandwich. So I have not got my order yet so maybe it will come with instructions but still curious, can I mix it the night before ? Or should I mix it as I am ready to drink it? Thanks

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I almost always blend mine the night before, leave in an insulated bottle in the refrigerator overnight, and then add ice cubes to it to keep it cold when I bring to work the next day. Been doing that for about 2 years. As mentioned above it thickens slightly when storing overnight. But then as my ice melts the next day, it can dilute it back a bit, which compensates.

All of my Huel doses are mixed in a 50/50 mix of water and plant milk. I may or may not add other things as well since I blend.

As mentioned above, coffee also works if you like the taste. I brew a 6 ounce of decaf, toss it in ice, add some vanilla flavored oat milk, add my Huel vanilla or chocolate, and blend. You can also add pumpkin pie spice to the coffee + vanilla Huel combo or the Huel pumpkin pie spice flavoring. I sometimes also tip some almond milk creamer in this as well. You can use regular brew if you like the caffeine.

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I don’t feel it will end well, as the reason why it’s dry is because water makes things go bad. I learned this the hard way. It also makes the container dirty too.

The second you add water is when it starts to break down. So I just suggest to mix it in the morning. Idk how that’s going to be too difficult. If you add water and huel without mixing it. I bet by the time you get to where you need to go, it’s likely already mixed. Still the freshest is just to mix and eat.

How I eat it is not by using a container anymore - I just put a spoonful in my mouth, add water, and that’s it.

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Hmm. Well, I don’t know anything about that technique. But I will say that I have blended Huel, stored in the fridge for up to 2 days and then consumed. Occasionally I skip my Huel and then have it a day later. In fact, today’s dinner was made 2 nights ago. It tastes almost as good as if made one night earlier. Barely imperceptible difference. Just keep cold and it’ll be fine.

Again. Not sure if you are being serious or trolling the new guy to see if he’ll do something that bizarre.


I don’t troll. Well you don’t have to believe me lol. I don’t have a fridge or stove (or anything I could cook with) - but maybe if I say that people will think I’m trolling too. I didn’t know that that could work. It’s really funny to see how accustomed people are to modern conveniences through the anti-trolling squad :slight_smile:

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I can’t find the article now, but I think the official recommendation was to consume within 24 hours of mixing. Does anyone else remember reading this?

I like it best when I mix it the night before (and I frequently end up adding a little water because it thickens, as others have said).


I make Huel 48 hrs or so in advance, and its completely fine/no difference. (Refrigerated)


If you just put the powder on top of the water and take with you somewhere without shaking it up first all the powder will clump and stick to the side of the bottle.


idk why you’re trying to figure me out - I mean you could just ask - I’m no college student. It’s for minimalism to reduce my impact on the environment and not have much stuff or depend on anyone/thing - I’m an independent person.

It’s yes - mix on demand - just spoon and water, but I do go to restaurants, eat weeds, or eat straight from the grocery store. Being vegan helps.

Just realize - not everyone who’s out there’s a troll, as we all have different lives.

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good to know. If I go somewhere, I would just bring the powder and add water on site. I haven’t tried it though yet, so idk if that works.