Newbie Questions

Hey all! Just started my daily Huel meal yesterday and I’m pumped! I’m a teacher so I’m desperate for a healthy breakfast/lunch option!

So far I prefer the vanilla to the chocolate, and I have the flavor boost sample pack. So are there any flavors that really help out the chocolate flavor? I feel like they’ll all be good with vanilla. And has anyone tried mixing Huel with other liquids? Coffee is one I will definitely be trying soon, but what about milk? Or even half water half (insert liquid here)? I doubt I’ll mix in any food as I am planning to pair my Huel drink with a small food item and split it between the two morning meals (banana, egg, open to ideas there too!).

I am hoping to lose 30+ pounds over the school year. I recently had a baby (2nd) as well as surgery to remove my gall bladder, so my body is fairly wrecked. My poor preschooler is so worried about how mommy’s tummy looks! Work out time is limited, but evening walks (jogs when big guy wants to run) will begin as soon as the heat is safe for the baby.

So really any and all feedback and suggestions will be welcomed!

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I blend most of my powdered Huels with half oat milk + half water/ice chips. The milk will enhance the chocolate Huel’s flavoring, I think. I mix my chocolate Huel with milk/water and a scoop of my Amazing Grass greens powder. For some reason greens powder tastes really good in chocolate or berry Huel powders, IMO.

I haven’t tried this yet, but I am betting the caramel flavor additive will work well with the chocolate Huel. I know it’s really good with the Vanilla. Also, have you tried mixing the vanilla and Chocolate Huel powders in a milk/water mix? I’ve added cocoa powder to my Vanilla Huel and it’s good, so I bet combining the vanilla and chocolate Huel powders may produce favorable results.

For me, the best combo is vanilla Huel + banana + pumpkin pie spice + PB2 powder in milk/water.

This sounds good… will have to give it a try!

Hey Deron, I’ve seen a lot of your posts on the forum and you have some great ideas/recipes to try. This one definitely sounds yummy, I’ll have to give this a try.
I’ve so far only ordered the chocolate powder, but I think on my next order I’ll do 1 vanilla and 1 chocolate bag to give it a try.

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