Make More Filling?

So, I recently got my huel (vanilla and chocolate) and it’s pretty good. I’ve gotten past the initial shock of the taste and stuff. I’m trying to do 3 2-scoop shakes a day for my meals, but I find myself still hungry. Should I just do 4 shakes despite the calories? Or maybe try a 3-scoop shake and 2 2-scoop shakes? Is there anything to add that may help? I’ve been blending it because I find it to have the best consistency. I think I saw something about chia seeds but haven’t tried it yet. I was also thinking about trying peanut butter (for taste). On a different note, does anyone else find it to get a little slimey sometimes?

I’ve never found it slimey, no.

I would suggest maybe drinking it slowly if you aren’t already. You can also try using more water per scoop. I have mine one scoop at a time with 15-17 ounces of water and feel that the extra water helps keep me full. And of course, if you are still hungry, just have more Huel. I found that over time, my stomach must have shrunk because I can’t eat nearly as much as I used to.

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I routinely add Peanut Butter or PB2 powder to my vanilla or chocolate Huel powder mixtures. Give it a try. It’ll definitely bulk up the total mix.

If it’s “slimey” that probably means it’s a little too concentrated. Dilute it out more.

Just be aware 3 2 scoop meals will be 1200kcal, which may be less than you need hence your hunger. You can check out your calorie needs here:

If that’s okay for you, try having your Huel over a longer period of time.

Yeah I blended my chocolate huel with some peanut butter and then left it in the fridge overnight. It was a bit thicker than when I usually leave it in the fridge. Definitely helped with making it more filling I think and it tasted super good too.

Update: so I got my official huel scoops and shaker since they were missing from the original shipment. The scoops are a lot bigger than I thought. The one I’ve been using is maybe a little bigger but I’ve only been doing one of those because I assumed it was about 100 grams/2 huel scoops. This may be why my shakes don’t usually come out as thick as everyone says theirs does. Also may be why it’s not as filling.

I’d recommend getting a scale. They’re like 10 bucks at Target. This will help you get a good idea of how much you are scooping. After a while, you’ll be scooping consistently without the use of the scale.