Does Huel fill you up?

After consuming Huel, do you find that it actually fills you up like the advertising insists or do you eat something with it?

At first it filled me up but that was only the first few times.

I stay full for several hours after a huel. Keep in mind 2 scoops of huel is only 400 calories, so don’t expect to to feel as though you’ve eaten more than that. I blend in a cup of fruit with each of my huels and sometimes some other source of extra calories like PB2 or almond milk or something. So for me, 480-600 calories in a huel is just right. You could also just use more huel per shake, like 125 grams instead of 100.

As Cell said, there’s only a handful of calories in a serving. To get the most bang per buck you’re going to need to up the intake or find an additive that fits your tastes and dietary goals.
Check out the Recipes tab for some great user-tested concoctions

I wouldnt say it fills me up. I can down a drink of huel and go right on to snaking and be fine. What it does do it help me curb that hunger pang I get. and since drinking huel I get less urges to “Boredom eat” so it helps to make your body feel full for long periods of time on my part.

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