Tips for controlling your hunger with Huel?

I just started using Huel for a couple days. One of the biggest thing I realize is that 3 scoops of Huel doesn’t really last me until the meal. Within two and a half hours, I’m literally hungry again. Does this happen to anyone else? If not, what do you all usually eat Huel with or when do you usually drink it?

I stole an idea from @jobiegermano. He does 5 smaller shakes every two hours. I tried that and it didn’t work for me hungry wise. I just wasn’t hungry. So I changed to three smaller shakes every ~three hours. That’s working better. I finish my day with solid food.

Tl;dr adjust the Huel to you not you to the Huel lol. I weigh my powder instead of using the scoop method.

I don’t use huel all day but when I feel hungry between huel and meal i just eat a couple pieces of apple or a few almonds. I eat just enough to get rid of the hungry feeling and no more.

I don’t do three scoop “meals” I use one scoop with low cal juice, fiber, soy milk and water and make a big shake. And then have another 2-3 hours later. works for me. I was in a medically supervised weight loss program a few years back and they had us using meal replace shakes or bars or soups 160 cal each per meal 6 per day at aprox 3 hour intervals.

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If I let my Huel sit so it hydrates and becomes thicker, I personally am not as inclined to drink it quickly. Have sometimes then stretched my breakfast meal over the course of the morning and not really having finished it by lunch. Not sure how well this would work as a diet approach since it probably wouldn’t work well if you start hungry, but it had worked fairly well for me to keep from being hungry throughout the work day as I’d just take a drink every time I started to feel a little bit hungry.

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let it get a bit thicker, or just drink another

This is/was a real concern for me. Here is what I do:

-Drink water before and after (if necessary) consuming Huel
-Drink huel slowly
-Eat huel for dinner (you’ll be going to sleep soon anyway if it is a week-day)
-Consume a light (1 or 2 scoop) huel shake with a solid snack. For example, those little hummus and cracker packs. Or toast a slice of bread in coconut oil on the pan with herbs (I use za’atar seasoning) and eat it as an accompaniment. I have also made a mini quesadilla with turkey and cheese and eaten it with huel.

Mid-morning snacks and sometimes mid-afternoon ones helped at the beginning. Usually I had a piece of fruit or a handful of crackers/trail mix/granola. I’m a 2-a-day Hueler who uses it for breakfast and dinner (solid meal at lunch) though.

I found about 2.5 scoops and a banana (strawberries too if in season) or another high calorie fruit holds me until my next meal. I will generally have Huel for breakfast and lunch and half of a serving once I get home to Huel my runs. I have found that adding the fruit really helps, you will need a blender for this method though.

One of the best things you can add to your Huel is 1 gram of Glcomannan (Konjac Root) It greatly reduces the hunger pangs, is great for helping control blood sugar levels which is great for diabetics. People that are on liquid diets swear by this powder. Only use true Konjac Root.

What works best for me is just spacing out the Huel shakes according to when I get hungry, rather than eating them at set times. Usually that leads to me having a total of about 6 or so shakes a day, most of which are in the morning, with longer breaks between shakes towards the evening. For me the beauty of Huel shakes is that they are so quick to make and consume. Therefore I let me body tell me when it needs a new one rather than letting the clock dictate when I am supposed to eat.

Doesn’t the human body have to eat like every 4 hours or something? Are any of you guys in ketosis? It’ll use your body to burn fat instead of glucose but you have to eat high fat and low carb