Let's Be Better Challenge


Kick off the New Year by forming positive habits with our Let’s Be Better challenge! You can participate in our daily challenges for the next 21 days by joining us here. Find out what each of our daily challenges are and how we at Huel are tackling them below! Each day we’ll update you with links to videos, articles, recipes and more!

2018, we’ve got news for you: we’re on a mission and it starts today. Let’s. Be. Better.

Day 1 of 21: Get prepared! Which challenges are you going to get involved with? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates.
Day 2 of 21: Drink at least 2 liters of water
Day 3 of 21: Weight control. Looking to gain or lose weight, we’ve got news for you!
Day 4 of 21: Find Your Favorite Huel Hacks or share your own creation in the comments below!
Day 5 of 21: Don’t skip breakfast!
Day 6 of 21: Try going vegan for the day
Day 7 of 21: Learn about “The Mindset of Eating” and how to avoid the diet trap
Day 8 of 21: Get enough sleep for a well-rested, rejuvenated day
Day 9 of 21: Treat yourself - you don’t have to perfect all the time!
Day 10 of 21: Try out some yoga
Day 11 of 21: Quit social media for the day
Day 12 of 21: Volunteer - what charities are in your local area you could help with?
Day 13 of 21: Take time for yourself - grab your favorite book and relax
Day 14 of 21: Declutter - evaluate which things truly bring value to your life
Day 15 of 21: Get up an hour earlier - what would you do with an extra hour every day?
Day 16 of 21: Deskercise - what are your tips for staying active during the workday?
Day 17 of 21: Get some fresh air and take a lunchtime walk
Day 18 of 21: Reduce your emissions - try carpooling or cycling to work
Day 19 of 21: Stress busting workout!
Day 20 of 21: Try a delicious new Huel recipe
Day 21 of 21: Which habit are you going to take on?



I’m in! does it start today, Jan. 8, or did it start Jan. 1 and I should rush through the first 8 days of the challenge?


Today is day one, so you’re right on schedule!


Awesome! Great timing too, as my first shipment of Huel products arrives today. Looking forward to it!


Oh my gosh, I’m not late for something? Lol. Thanks, looking forward to it!


I’m on board 100%!



Love this. I’m totally in. Day 1 down, excited for Day 2! :potable_water:


Welp, I’m late! :smiley: I’m on that water though!! Anybody else using a spare Huel shaker for their water intake? I’ve been freezing a bit of water mixed with lemon juice at night with my shaker laid on the side, then I fill it up in the morning. Ice cold and ready to go! :tada:


Dang, you are a Pro Hueler! We should give that a try ourselves. :+1: