Happy Monday here we go

11/19/18 today i start my journey with huel i made 2 bottles for breakfast & lunch my weight this morning was 235 so let’s see what happens thanks to everyone for there support let’s do this


Do you have specific goals and a plan?

You got this, I have been on Huel for over a week and loving it. My energy is up, and my weight is going down.


Let’s go!

I’m starting my week 4, and couldn’t be happier I found Huel. Best of luck to you; you’ve got this!

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Not to discourage you in any way but making such a quick change with replacing 2 meals with Huel may be hard on your body. Huel recommends starting slow and easing into it.

However, to share my success I have been having one Huel meal a day for lunch for 6 months now and have lost 30 lbs. It made a huge change in the quality of food I eat everyday. You can do it!

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Excellent choice. Give it several days before you judge it. At first you may experience some more gas. Your body will get used to it. You may need to drink a little more water in between the Huel doses. Some people find that was helpful.

The texture and taste are something many people grow accustomed to after a few days, as well.

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How’s it going so far? Looking forward to hearing your updates!