Huel 1-Year Project (2021-2022) [Website Update]

[Website Link:] - This will house all information and updates for the rest of the year! Any questions/criticism is greatly appreciated, I will be improving and adding as much as I can to the website during the duration of the project.

Note - Currently under quarantine, again, a friend who’s living with me tested positive for covid so the 2,000meter row-test along with working out is postponed until Jan 18th.

Project Details: Huel Powder (Black or Standard) for an entire year (370 Days) as the only means of food. Documenting as much information as possible to share with those interested.

Start Date: December 27th, 2020 - End Date: January 1st, 2022

Documentation will include:

  • Weight Changes (Daily)
  • Caloric Intake (Daily)
  • BMI (Weekly)
  • Hip-To-Waist Ratio (Weekly)
  • 2,000-Meter Row Test (Weekly)
  • 8-Skin fold measurements using Accu-Measure (Weekly) (Biceps, Suprasinpale, Thigh, Calf, Triceps, Abdominal, Subscapular, Chest) [Will be changing to Harpenden Skinfold Caliper]
  • Complete Blood Count[CBC] and Chemistry Blood Work (Monthly)
  • Physical Appearance Changes (Monthly)

Huel Intake - There’s no set amount here, so it’s adjustable as needed per day from a minimum of 1,600 Calories to over 3,000 calories. Water is used to make Huel drinks.

Physical Activity - Moderate (4-5 Days a week of high-intensity cardio and heavy weight lifting)

If there’s any other information I’m missing that would be interesting to see just let me know and I’ll do my best to include that along the way!

[Previous 60-Day Trial]

[Huel’s 5-Week Trial]


Very excited to see your progress, good luck! We’ll be here for support.

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I too am excited to keeping up with your Huel journey. Looking forward to the link with all the info. Thank you for documenting this!

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The initial post is updated with the website,

Thanks :slight_smile:


dude, you’re braver than i. would love to try this, but i’m ____ (lazy, get bored with food easily, lazy, uncommitted, you fill in the blank)

bookmarking for future reference!

good luck! my goal this year is to just fit into the huel shirt i got 3 (holy crap it’s been that long!) years ago…

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Added InBody270 Measurements to the statistics page - We’re looking to add in more types of measurements before we go too far along. We’re looking to add a Dietitian to the team too which we may have next week. Everything’s going great so far - and greater progress than the previous 2-month trial after adding in more calories (2000 to 2800) instead of staying at a lower caloric intake of (1600) from 2-Month. And thanks @shaunfather, getting past the cravings stage was the hardest part, but that’s over finally :slight_smile:

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Sheesh… You’re fancy now, team and all!

We’re doing as much as we can, and we’re all fancy for drinking Huel - I keep my pinky up :laughing:

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I’m curious as I was looking at your weight loss stats…

You’ve basically lost 22lbs in the first month, way to go! What is your calorie goal per day? Are you aiming for weight loss? It seems to vary substantially from day to day.

I started using the zigzag method, Calorie Calculator, and adjusting intake as needed too - Weight(fat) loss is the goal but not attempting to rush it, if I’m feeling as if the consumption is too little I’ll up the calories for that day depending on activity level too. And thanks, its a nice head start though probably 10lbs was probably from water weight and gut weight from what I was eating before.

How are you holding up? Have the cravings completely subsided?

I’m taking it day by day. Thinking too far out makes it a bit harder but the cravings have completely dissipated around the same time as the last 2-month trial, after the 18-day mark. If I didn’t have someone supportive at home I think I would have cracked around day 15.

Having the support at home matters a lot, for sure. I couldn’t sustain my vegan lifestyle if the Mrs wasn’t on board.

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Why did you decide to go vegan?

My gf has been Vegan her whole life and gradually convinced me. For me, it’s more for health and animal cruelty reasons. Felt hypocritical calling myself an animal lover, followed by eating a 28 oz Porterhouse…

Notice any difference after going vegan? Is it still hard sometimes?

Not at all. Took me about a month to transition… Better skin, more energy and weight loss. I’d say there’s a difference, lol.

Interesting project. Look forward to seeing updates. I wish you the best of motivation to stay the course.

I’ve been using Huel as work meals for almost 3 years and been meat/dairy-free for 2 years. Just had my annual blood work from my doctor and all my numbers are fantastic. I used to be real fat, but have maintained a consistent BMI around 21 - 22 range these last two years, with much less effort than what I tried years ago for weight management.

In fact, today I will be going in for an optional “biometric screening” with my employer in which we can get a $250 rebate at the end of the year on our health insurance premiums if we meet certain biomarkers (weight, A1c, glucose, lipids, etc.) of which I should be able to meet all these (fingers crossed). It’ll almost pay for the Huel shipment that I bought today. Had to replace my supplies.


How you holding up? Assuming you’re crushing this?

Once finished with this, I still can’t see not using Huel at least for breakfast and lunch on working days. Anything interesting found on the biometric screening? @DM87 Holding up well, food smells great all the time, going in for another free(thankfully) test this time. Just got in another 32bags for the next 3-4 months, ditching the jars since there are way too many flavors now lol.

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