My Preparation for a 365 Day Journey - Huel as my "primary" source of fuel for a year


T-17 days: As noted in my introductory post on this forum, my intent is to undertake a year long journey of self discovery that includes exploring my relationship to / with food, as well as, an overall exploration of (and enhancement to) my mind / body / spirit / environment. The journey begins on November 1, 2018 and will end on October 31, 2019. The “fuel/food” component of my journey will allow for the consumption of the following (Huel, water, cinnamon, salt, pepper, ginger, turmeric, powdered multi-vitamin supplement, saw palmetto, and broccoli seed / sprout extracts). I am starting this conversation/topic with the hope of possibly inspiring others to start/continue their own “journey of exploration”, as well as, a means of accountability and “possibly” support for my journey. I intend to provide regular updates on my progress as part of this conversation stream and hope that others might find value in sharing updates for their journey. Anyone else interested in joining me on a year long Huel adventure?


good luck man. i’m interested, in thought only, as i KNOW i wouldn’t be able to keep it up. plus, my wife is a dang good cook, so, the spirit is willing and contemplating, but the flesh is weak and chubby. but i definitely look forward to seeing how you do!


We admire your commitment, @Chris_H! Please keep us updated here on your Huel journey. :slight_smile:


T-15 days to Nov 1st: Huel starter kit arrived - first batch made (vanilla) - drank 1/3 at room temperature, and the remaining 2/3 after 2 hours of refrigeration. I understand and agree with suggestions that it should be consumed chilled :-):sunglasses:. Clean bill of health received yesterday, so ready to begin the quest / journey on the 1st (although my GP was not thrilled with my 1 year Huel only experiment). I will slowly introduce / ramp-up Huel into my diet over the next 15 days. Excited to include enhancements to (and further explore changes in) sleep, movement, emotional intelligence & spiritual awakening. As always, thank you for allowing me to use this forum as a means of accountability!


Looking forward to following your journey in this forum.


This is probably a much better idea than my GF’s God-daughter who is determined to eat a Mac-N-Cheese only diet for a year.

On a serious note, I am interested in your results. As for me, I can only do Huel for roughly half of my food intake.


@Deron - I would prefer the Mac-n-chees only diet :sunglasses:


Well I’ll sort of be joining you in Huel “only”, but I don’t have a plan for how long I’m going to do it. I’m trying to use it to get my meal and food habits under control. I’ve gained some bad habits of eating junk food as snacks throughout the day and hardly eating anything of nutritional value. For meals, I will be eating Huel, but I do plan to give in a eat some popcorn as a snack now and then (I love popcorn). I’ve already been increasing my intake of Huel and am starting full Huel today as I got my supply to cover me for four weeks.

I wonder if your GP thinks Huel isn’t nutritionally complete. Usually anyone that says they’re going to eat only one thing as food is going to have some nutrient deficiencies, but Huel seems like it can be an exception.


@dugonian welcome aboard Alex … it should be a fun ride … I am still in the “introduction phase” with Huel as my body gets used to change …I am sure my GP had no idea what Huel is and I don’t think he had an interest in learning more … no problem … onward and forward!


T-12 days to Nov 1st. Have been incorporating 1 shake per day … “but” … I find myself indulging to excess in all the unhealthy food I currently enjoy … guess i am just trying to “get my fill” before the Nov 1 :-):sunglasses: Plan to up my use to 2 shakes per day starting tomorrow. My family has no idea I am going 100% as of the 1st …


I’m interested in your experience. I just ordered my first HUEL to see if my body can tolerate it. I have multiple food allergies and sensitivities, and am looking for a meal replacement that does not hurt me. I’m wondering if it makes you feel full, I have a very difficult time with feeling distractingly hungry. I’ll be lurking and following your experiences for a bit.


It probably will. This is what many of us experience after we consume a dose of Huel. Oats tend to swell up/expand a bit in the gut. Plus the flaxseed fiber.


@JaneE - per my experience, yes, I feel satiated after consuming Huel - BUT - I am still working through the mental / psychological desire / pleasure that comes from “chewing” my food. Old habits die hard …


Thanks for the quick response. I was concerned about the “chewing” aspect as well. I’m hoping I can tolerate the absence of crunch for a bit while I experiment with HUEL!


that’s my biggest hurdle as well! having something to actually “chew”

dang humans with our habits…


T-9 days til Nov 1st: Tried adding a teaspoon of cinnamon (to 20oz h2o and three scoops vanilla) - was pleasantly surprised to find that doing so completely masked the “oaty” taste … while cinnamon was not originally on my short list of approved food items (see first post above if interested), I think I need to add it and turmeric to the approved list. Still “prototyping” prior to Nov 1st launch!


I’m really intrigued by this and am also in the same boat as @dugonian in that I’m going for as long as I can do this. I’m eating all 3 meals a day of Huel and just living like that and am excited to see where it takes me!

I’m eager to hear your insights and reflections as you embark on your journey!


@jdbellis I too am excited to see where it takes me / each of us … keep us posted on your experiences as well … Thanks!


I have now been on nearly complete Huel for a week now and I can say that chewing factor has been brutal. I caved last night and ended up buying some tacos on my way home from work and eating those for dinner instead of my usual Huel. I also smell other meals at my work and my mouth salivates so much and makes it difficult to consume my Huel as my brain is just thinking “I’d rather be eating what they’re eating.” I think I’m going to start eating somewhere else so that I can get away from the smells. And since the only other food I have in my house are some almonds and popcorn, I find myself fighting to not pop a bit of popcorn or eat a bunch of almonds throughout the week. Hopefully I can stay on track this week and it will improve as my mind gets used to this new food regiment.


Thanks for the update Alex @dugonian. I start 100% Huel only on Thursday. In addition to the “chewing”, the lack of caffeine will be a real challenge for me (I am not going to add coffee to my Huel). Good luck this week!