Starting my journey tomorrow, I need a buddy😊

Hi guys I need to lose 30lbs and hoping this helps me lose the weight. I do workout alot, I’m in full time work and have three little kids, I just need help with selecting the right healthy meals and not binging or snacking on nonsense :sweat_smile:.
Anyone else on the journey or have tips for success please.

Hi Lizzie if you don’t mind sharing what’s your diet plan look like? Like are you going full huel?

Hi Lizzie! Good luck, you’ve got a lot of barriers that could prevent your success, but if you work at it I’m sure you can achieve your goal.

Before I get into things, a bit of context, I am male, 5’6", 42, no kids, and have lost a little more than 30 pounds over the course of the last 15 months - I started at 170 and am down to a bit less than 140, with a goal weight of between 130-135 (BMI 21-22).

Now how I’ve achieved this.

I exercise 3-5 days per week, with the ideal being a day that I go running for 30ish minutes, and then 4 days of weight training with each session lasting about an hour. In addition to this, I usually go on a walk during my lunch break.

First, and probably most important for me, I don’t keep snacks available in my house. If I find I’m a bit hungry, I usually drink some water which will usually tide me over until a meal time. I don’t drink soda/pop at all (it helps that I don’t like carbonation). I recognize this is probably not something you can do with 3 little ones in your household.
Second, I meal prep my lunch and dinner. This allows me to create meals that are generally nutritious, and not have to worry about it much on a day to day basis. My current go-to for breakfast includes scrambled eggs, lentils, split pea, potato, onion, and sweet potato. Dinner is a fish stew. I keep mostly to a pescatarian diet.
Third, the Huel portion. I mostly use Huel products to make sure I’m getting a variety of vitamins and minerals that my meal prep meals don’t necessarily provide. This ends up being daily greens, which I eat with breakfast, and a lunch of Huel powder (I use the regular one).
And lastly, and this is mostly to keep my gut biome in decent shape, I add a bit of greek yogurt to my breakfast.

I know that this is only about how I personally have been successful, and I recognize that being able to eat the same thing on a daily basis is not typical, but you might be able to pull some ideas from this that might work.

Anyways, good luck on your journey!

Hi that’s the plan. Might add a bit of fruit to blend as well. My mum just passed so haven’t started yet. Any tips. Are u on the journey

Thanks for the info. Very useful. Im frequent doing my exercises and fasting so that should help. Yea your schedule is really helpful.
So I only have huel in the evening. I’m going to be using the black edition