Starting The Huel Life!

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Just wanted to say Hey! Been doing a bunch of research on Huel recently and finally decided to give it a try especially between what I saw here and on reddit! Eating healthy has always been difficult for me as balancing costs, cooking, and food wastes, not to mention just energy level after work causes me to cook something easy and typically not too healthy.

So I decided to eat 2 meals of the Huel a day at least and I’m toying with making it full Huel (3 meals a day) with the addition of the hot and savoury. Snacking will be nuts, fruits, a little Huel, with some occasional sweets (one every few days or so). Then for a couple dinners a week saute something like chicken or pork belly with some veggies. To me, this sounds like a very doable and healthy meal plan so I’m hoping it works out and is as good for me as I think.

Sight unseen, I decided to start with 2 Huel black (vanilla and coffee caramel) and just added on 3 bags of the hot and savoury this morning (2 thai curry and 1 tomato, cause I love thai curry flavors typically).

A bit about me- 34yom, 5-11 height, and 160ish pounds. Hoping to healthily shave off about two inches from my waist (only a few pounds), but that’s about it. I try to stay somewhat active, but I do get lazy after work. I’m thinking about taking up running again with this new diet, maybe even start indoor climbing or lifting again to try to gain some muscle (stopped climbing due to covid closures).

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and put out there what I was doing in case anyone has done similar to my situation and has any advice! Can’t wait to get my first shipments!


Welcome to the forums and to the Huel family!

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Congratulations for making a great start toward a healthier life!

Thanks! The more I think about it, the more I’m kinda liking the idea of doing a 95% or better Huel diet for a month or so. Maybe one regular meal a week and some nuts/fruits for a few snacks.

I would recommend easing into Huel, as the increase in fiber (if you weren’t already on a high fiber diet) can have a field day with your stomach.

You can start out with 1 a day week 1, 2 a day week 2 and so on.


Thanks for the advice. I’ll try that slow uptick schedule. I think 4 servings a day is right for me, so if I try for all Huel, maybe I’ll plan on doing that by the end of September depending on when they arrive.