Just started. How many shakes a day for everyone?

Just started today. I’m following the instructions and replacing one meal a day for 5 days. Just got me thinking, how often are people truly using Huel? I’m not sure if I’ll move to replacing 2 meals a day next week for not.
Also is anyone having issues with the artificial sweetener in the vanilla? I seem to be fine, however, I’m thinking of moving to unsweetened on my next order.


I’ve been replacing two meals a day. I’ll be replacing three meals after my next order comes in.

How long have you benn using Huel or a similar replacement in your diet?
Also I’m wondering if I’m getting headaches because of the sweetener in the vanilla. Has anyone had a similar experience?

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The most I can seem to replace is 2. Most days I just replace one.

Been using it for two weeks now. No headache. After thanksgiving I’ll be starting to go back to the gym again and see if I can lose weight with huel.

Keep us posted. I’ll be doing the same. Trying to lose weight and get in shape during the holidays. Seems like a nice challenge.

I don’t have headaches, just what feels like a sugar crash all day. Can’t concentrate on anything and feeling lethargic while also jittery/dizzy sometimes. Not a great experience so far.

HijinksI haven’t had that problem at all. My first or second day I drank a shake and went and worked out for an hr with no problem. I’m now on my second order with no problems doing 1-2 shakes a day.What did you diet use to look like?

I spent the first 3 days with the sugar crash. Craving and a little weak. Last 2 days that went away.
I expected this since I have a huge weakness for sweets. Cut the sugar out before and had a similar reaction.

I typically do between 2 and 3 shakes a day, but I don’t have 500 calorie shakes. I typically weigh out 75 grams of powder 2 or 3 times a day and mix with about 12 oz water, they are 300 calories each so I am usually at about 900 calories before I have dinner, then I can go nuts once in a while for dinner. I usually prep chicken rice and veggies servings of about 600 calories for dinner and have a 100-200 calorie snack at night. I forego the late snack if I have something crazy like pizza or burger for dinner. It varies though as does life, meetings at work are sometimes catered and then I Huel at night instead of at work. Sometimes I also have rolled oats for breakfast instead of a Huel shake, depends on the day. I may be new to Huel but I have been doing meal replacement shakes for a long time, and my diet has been a work in progress for years. Hopefully you will find a mix that works for you and be able to tweak it as life happens as I have.

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I’ve been using meal replacements for years. I started with one meal a day, and now I do two, breakfast and lunch, no problems. I do have a snack or cup of soup, and sometimes a few sunflower seeds during the day also.
However, I use the unsweetened Huel because I refuse to use Sucralose, or any other artificial sweetener, every day. I sweeten mine with about 3/4 tsp of Stevia, and I’ll sometimes add cocoa or vanilla flavoring.
I have had no noticeable problems with Sucralose, but I don’t want to use such things if it can be avoided.
My lunch meal replacement is currently Super Body Fuel’s Keto Fuel. I’m debating on replacing it with Huel, not sure. Huel has more carbs than I like, but is very convenient and a great price.
I suggest going two to three weeks before trying two, but certainly try two at some point.

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Headaches are likely due to sugar withdraws and are common with starting any kind of restrictive eating plan. They should pass once your body acclimates to the change. It will all vary on how heavily your diet consisted of simple sugars and breads prior to starting the Huel.

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Great point. Seems so obvious to me now but hadn’t crossed my mind. The headaches did go away.

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I started two days ago on Saturday with just breakfast and today I moved to breakfast & lunch. So far the usual feelings of slight hunger kicking in earlier than from solid meals but nothing out of the ordinary. From what I read, Stevia is the sweetener, which is not artificial but derived from the stevia leaf so as far as “having issues” I’m not sure what those would be? Or by issues are you referring to taste? It can be an acquired flavor. I used to body build and that was the sweetener I used while dieting a lot. Ultimately my goal is to replace breakfast & lunch Mon-Friday to save time and guaranteed nutrition. Sat-Sun may be more flexible as saving time really isn’t an issue most days.

The Sucralose in the vanilla Huel is found in the vanilla flavoring, along with Stevia.
Really, the amount of Sucralose is probably so tiny that I’m being a bit of a jerk here. But I figure even a small amount once or twice a day over a long period of time can add up to problems. No need to find out.
I’m sure it’s in the vanilla flavoring that I sometimes use, but I only do that once or twice a week, and in fact, am going to stop when my bottle runs out. It doesn’t taste bad with just the Stevia and I like cocoa better than vanilla anyway, so I’ll just stick with those blends.

So far 2 drinks a day, but using two scoops (about 300 cal) per drink. Trying to lose weight.

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I had been getting headaches with Huel, like others noted. Interestingly, adding a pinch of salt helped–I think it’s a little lower than what I need (or at least what I’m used to). Haven’t noticed a difference between unflavored and vanilla.

Personally, I’ve been doing 4 half-sized (250 cal) shakes a day. It’s my main diet now, although I’m not super strict about it–I’ll grab a snack here and there if I feel like it. Tried switching to 3 for the same total calorie count, but ended up way hungrier and more likely to snack.

I’ve been on 3 a day for about two months now, but I worked up to that. I take a few supplements, and snack on pistachios, walnuts and/or pumpkin seeds in between the shakes. About 1700-1800 calories a day. Lost 30 pounds so far - down to 195 from 225.

I had some digestion issues at first, and felt crappy, but I don’t think all of that was Huel. I ate a lot of crappy food for years, and my body probably was going through detox and salt withdrawal, as well as adjusting to a much lower sugar level.

It took a few weeks to feel “normal” again, but it was worth it. I feel better than I have in years.

I also cheat once or twice a week. I’ll go out and have a huge unhealthy breakfast, or have a danish with coffee, but I find I don’t really crave that stuff like I used to. It’s more social obligations than anything that lead up to it.


Surcalose doesnt agree with everyone, my bf hates it. We switched to UU and now he uses the stevia. I tend to do all meals huel with a snack or something small. Only consuming about 1200 calories, but no weight loss at all, which is kinda a bumner. As with any dietary change i had head sches sugar withdrawls, and upset stomach for a while. Now after about two months, most of all that is gone, only surfacing when i cheat and have greasy or sugary foods. Bf is using to supplement his meals and feels healthier. We both noticed we need to drink more water with huel, even though we make with the 500ml.

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I usually go with at least one: breakfast. Often times another for lunch. I have a wife and kids so that means I never have one for supper. So at most 2 a day (500 kcal each). If I didn’t have a wife and kids, I’d rock 3 a day during the week, and then weekends would probably be regular food.