Using too much?


I’ve been using huel for about a week now and I am absolutely loving it! However I seem to be running through the my first bag very quickly. Thought my order was for 4 weeks. And doing 2 125 gram shakes a day I’m almost done with my first bag after only a week anyone else having this same issue? Or Is it an error on my part?


Hi @Jwood, that’s seems about right if you are having 2 shakes (servings) a day. I typically go thru a bag every two weeks with 1 shake a day. Each bag is about 14 meals at 127g per meal. Hope this helps.


Ahhh I see now looking back at their site I see it listed as 28 meals 14000 calories. So they are only accounting for a person to use 1, 500 calorie shake a day. I’m doubling that haha. Well at least I know it’s no fault of theirs. Just a mistake on my part when ordering.


Yeah, if you eat all of your calories in Huel (depending on your needs, of course) you’ll go through about 2 bags per week.

Not that many people do that, but I’ve found that on the weeks I really stick with it, I can pound through a bag in 4-5 days.


Are you trying to gain weight or do you just run to and from everywhere you go? :slight_smile: