1st time Huel User here woot! Have you tried any other meal replacements?


I drank my first huel shake today!
Vanilla was a good choice I think.

I started eating 100% food shakes in 2015.
I’d split a shake in half and eat a total of 2 meals (4 shakes) for breakfast and lunch.
2-3 times a week I would have another shake for dinner.

I eventually did a bit of weight training and switched to the double protein shakes they offered.

I drank those consistently for about a year. Then slowed down and did them for breakfast only.
My weight has been around 175-190lbs depending on whether or not I’m exercising.

Anybody here have comparisons to how they’ve liked Huel versus other choices on the market?

The 100% food options were(they closed) very high in sugar. I think the 500 calorie shake had 19-23 grams of sugar in it give or take. I’m glad these have less, but they do certainly taste more oaty.

Anyway wanted to say HI!


Hi back to you!

I’m a first time user as well. So far I’ve had two servings of UU 50% and Vanilla 50%. I’m very pleased. The plan is to get about 2/3 of my calories from Huel.

I’ve used Soylent in the past, 1.5 - 1.8. But I had to stop consuming so much soy, so I moved to Schmilk. Huel is thicker than both of those, which is great. I’ve always added ingredients to get a hardier shake, now I don’t have to. The taste of Huel is different. It tastes more like whole food than Soylent does. Soylent tastes more artificial. That said, I’m not sure I would say I liked one more than the other, but that’s not very important to me. What’s important is that Huel takes care of my hunger for a good long time, and curbs cravings. That’s what I’m looking for.

I’m excited to have the opportunity to buy Huel now, and I hope it will become my new home. I love the nutrition profile and I hope the company succeeds in the states.


I agree! It tastes earthy which I’m in no way mad about.
I have had trouble getting people to try my shakes lol.
regular food/junkfood eaters really want magical tastes in their mouth.
This is not magical and that’s okay! The magic is how it makes you FEEL.

I was half asleep when I wrote my initial post so now that I’m awake I’ll go into it a little more.
I used 100% Food’s various types. They had low cal, normal, double protein, and triple protein.
Double protein tasted the best BUT I did have to grind/blend the shake myself because it would come with whole seeds in it. If you want to chew great, if you want to pound the shake BAD. haha.

I avoided Soylent first because it was always sold out. Then because of the soy and oil content yuck.
Oh 100% food had a ketosis shake too that was oily I think it was supposed to compete with Soylent and it tasted repugnant.

Next I tried SuperbodyFuel the Athlete Edition… It tasted a lot like Huel. Oaty and not sweet at all. Very earthy.
It didn’t keep me interested but it was worth trying.

Most recently I tried Pulve which is a dutch based company. Although it took 2 months to get to me (customs kept it over the xmas holiday) It has individually portioned bags. Which I liked but it also was too coarse to drink quickly. The bags btw are recyclable so I didn’t feel too bad about the 72 bags I got in the mail lmaoooo.
Pulve once ground in the blender did taste the best. A little sweet and covered all the nutrition I needed.

I use myprotein “impact protein” for flavors. Chocolate mint, and Summer Fruits are probably my favorite. Some flavor and some added protein for supporting muscles hurray!

I do like Huel and their marketing… I’ll probably stick with them. I have a shipment of TSOGO coming my way too though. We’ll see how that goes.

I just love not having to cook while also not eating junk or ordering food all the time!


Wow! You’ve really been exploring! I’m sure that really helps with knowing what works for you…which flavors, textures, and nutrition profiles will be sustainable in the long run. I haven’t been so adventurous :slight_smile:


Thank you both for your comparative descriptions. I find them really informative.

Huel is the first meal replacement I will be trying. I have connected with my shipment and plan to have my first shake either tomorrow or Monday. Huel was on my radar after seeing the dietitian comparison test quite some time ago. It was a time Soylent was less available (and maybe more expensive?) I know I was looking somewhat seriously about having Huel or Joylent sent to the states at the time because the pricing was competitive.

I probably would have started with Soylent if only to have tried “the original”, but what pushed me over the edge to go with Huel instead was the shaker bottle. In my current situation a single serving bottle makes much more sense than a three serving pitcher.

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I forgot to mention my Joylent/Jimmy Joy experience which was not very positive. When Soylent was in one of it’s backorder phases, I ordered Joylent. The taste is pretty good, but the texture is not. It’s thin and it separates quickly. Worse than that though, is the sugar effect. I would feel good after drinking it, but I noticed that I started to crave sweets, which is very unusual for me. Those cravings went away when I switched meal replacements.


Thanks for that info!
And @vossad01 Welcome to the foray!

https://www.blendrunner.com/ is a good place to see a list of all sorts of meal replacement options.

OH! I forgot! I had ordered mealsquares as well! They’re a sunflower and chocolate based meal. And they’re baked goods.
So you have a little 4x4 inch square(in a plastic pouch) you can put in your backpack and eat later in the day. They’re all natural as I can attest to because I forgot one in the bottom of my backpack for a few months and it got moldy. So shelf life isn’t great, and they’re definitely dry since they’re gluten free (I think) but they have dark chocolate bits in them and taste pretty good with a glass of almond milk!!
A good option for people who don’t want to always be drinking their meals :wink:

P.S. I got my TSOGO pouch in the mail today. Just a 5 meal bag to give them a try.
We’ll see how it goes.

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I was nearly 100% bottled Soylent Coffiest for a year. It was good and it worked for me. A little pricey and a lot of soy. I jumped when Huel could be shipped to the US and after my first day today I’m liking it a lot.


The TSOGO I got was good. Vanilla very finely ground and 400 cal a meal. All organic with pea protein… It’s was thinner than Huel but worth a shot if anyone is being adventurous.

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I used Soylent. Loved it BUT had reactions (I’m celiac).

I’ve tried Soylent and Ample. I was doing a Soylent in the morning, and Ample at lunch for awhile, but ditched the Soylent after trying Huel. Soylent isn’t bad tasting, but I don’t like the soy component for a variety of reasons, and Huel is cheaper and tastes better. I’m trying a Huel in the morning and night, and Ample at lunch for awhile to see how that goes.

Ample is expensive (almost $6 a bottle for a 30 day sub of the 600cal version) but I like the taste better than Huel or Soylent. I don’t know if I can do Huel 3 times a day, but we’ll see. I had some gut pains and gas for a couple of weeks after trying Huel daily, but that has mostly subsided. Huel satiates me just as well as Ample.

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Some people find it takes a few days to adjust to 2-3 servings of Huel per day; if this is the case, start with one 2 scoops serving and increase every couple of days.


I’ve been at 2 x 500 calories of vanilla Huel morning and lunch, and 600 calories of Ample in the evening, when I tend to be most active after work, with a couple of 100 calorie handfuls of nuts mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

This has worked out well - it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve had any gas or gut pains, and I feel fantastic. I feel a little hungry at times, but it has less to do with actual hunger and more to do with eating for pleasure. Those fries my co-worker was eating today sure smelled good though!


That’s so awesome! Keep up the good work! :muscle: It can be hard to turn down those fries, but as you know, it’s well worth it in the long run. You got this!

…Plus, that’s what cheat meals are for, right? :wink:


I switched from Soylent bottles to Huel and I’m loving it. I did try Ambronite a long time ago, but it was very expensive and I couldn’t justify the cost.

:open_mouth: I just won a bunch of Ambronite in EU flavors - so I am going to ping-pong Huel and Ambronite and see what I like best. Once that Ambronite runs out, so does the opportunity to have it.

For the price, Huel is a champion.


I haven’t been checking this thread lately.
And I haven’t been eating huel enough!
I’m currently in the midst of buying a house for the first time.
Things are hectic. Huel is packed up as is the blender and shake bottles.

I’m excited to get back into it for breakfast/lunch!

I have noticed if I drink it once sporadically my stomach tends to have trouble with it.
Mostly the (TMI) runs. That could be due to drinking beer/alcohol around the same time too though.

Overall I like the not-so-sweet taste of huel the most.
TSOGO tastes very much like a powdery sugar shake. It’s very thin too. Which can be a good or bad thing for people based on their preference.

Glad everyone is trying things out! Find what’s best for you!

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So I have $500 of Ambronite. A large shipping box full of sachets of banana, berries, and apple ginger. I paid nothing for it. I have to say that I prefer Huel eventhough Ambronite has improved their flavor. I almost feel bad for having the Ambro because I don’t really appreciate it.

Huel is my jam.



I had the exact same experience for the exact same reason. When 1.6 was ‘discontinued’ I tried Joylent and didn’t like the texture. It was like little cardboard bits floating in my drink. Fortunately 1.7 was released quickly and I was able to continue.

Love this thread! I was about to ask what people were using during their Huel backorder period. I’ve tried a few - Vega One is okay but not great, Garden of Life comes highly recommended but if that is what the Garden of Life tastes like I don’t want to even think about the Garden of Death :slight_smile: This has given me a few leads. Thank you!


I’ve been digging into my Ambronite stockpile since my vanilla Huel is delayed. It’s decent stuff. The flavor is alright, it mixes quite easily, and sometimes when I get some tiny chewy grit to bite on, I appreciate it. I still prefer Huel. I am eagerly anticipating delivery.

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