How Many Shakes Per Day?

Hello everyone! I am new to Huel and am excited about it! I’m trying to figure out how much I should order per month, and I though I should ask the community how much you guys use in a month?
For context I plan on replacing all my meals with Huel but will have small snacks of “normal food” through out the day, just to up my calorie intake a bit more since I do Martial Arts.
Have you found that 3 shakes a day (one for every meal) gets you through the day, even though that’s cutting calories down to an average of 1200?
I’d love to hear your input and thoughts!

I have three a day (and no snacks), but I am as physically active as a tree and trying to lose weight.

Not knowing what you consider a snack, I would advise going with four per day, but it really depends on the snacks.

My apologies, I should’ve been more clear! snacks for me will be about 100-250 calories each and I will have them 3-4 times a day! I’ll have about an extra 400-500 calories added to my daily routine through snacks.

That could work. If you did stick to 1650 or so calories, you would be losing weight at a good pace. If that is desirable to you, I say go for it.

You can up the calories of your shakes as well and stick with 3. Do you have a blender? Adding frozen berries, bananas, cocoa powder, cinnamon, powdered or regular peanut butter, apple sauce, apple and\or grape juice, almond milk, cow milk, oat milk, etc. are all great ways to get more calories into you and modify the flavor of each shake so you don’t burn out on a single flavor.

I’m using Huel to lose weight, I’m fat, like really fat. 5’6” 303 lbs. I make 2 500 calorie hule shakes per day (400 calories Huel, and 100 calories other ingredients) I have a 500 calorie real food lunch, and a 60-100 calorie mid morning snack for 1600 calories per day. In 3 weeks I have lost 12 lbs and 3 inches, confirmed by my doctor today!

Off topic, martial arts are awesome! My son is on his dojo’s competition team. Our 2019 season starts Saturday.


That is amazing, man.

Reminds me of when I first started losing weight back in the days. I had a 38.5 BMI at my heaviest… when I was only 31 years of age. Yeah, I started my nonsense early in life. But sometimes hard lessons are the ones we learn best so I used that as an opportunity to do better.

12 years later and I’m in the best health of my adult life.


It isn’t clear whether you were trying to lose weight or just maintain your weight or what you would like to do. If you were asking whether you would be full with three shakes a day, I would say probably yes. I would say that the 500 cal serving keeps me full for five or six hours, and the 400 cal serving keeps me full for three or four hours. I have Huel for most of my meals and I just have snacks throughout the day like you are planning to do. I am trying to lose some weight and this is working for me, although, even when I maintain my weight, Huel Will probably still make up the majority of my meals because I really don’t like to cook, and this whole system of going through these elaborate acrobatics to make a meal that I’m going to eat in 15 minutes anyways doesn’t really work for me. I do not like the frozen meals that are sold in grocery stores because they taste very fake and the ones that taste real are very expensive. So if you were just going to have three of them per day, I think you could be full, but I’m not very active so I don’t know. I decided to focus more on my eating to lose weight because even though exercising does have benefits, it really doesn’t burn that many calories for the work that you have to do. If you only do martial arts for an hour a day or an hour a few times a week, that is so few calories that I would not even count that in your plans if that makes sense. Some people are like, oh, I was exercising, so I have to eat these calories back. No, you really don’t, unless you were exercising a lot to the point where it is very significant, and most people don’t. I would say that once you are at the point where you are doing around two hours a day of intense exercise, which doesn’t mean just walking, then it is time to actually figure those calories into your plan. And note that I’m actually talking about decreasing calories to lose weight here. I’m not talking about the people who are happy with their weight and they are increasing calories to build muscle. But if you have calculated your calorie requirements correctly, I think that you would be for doing this routine. I know that I would, but I’m not very active. I actually would think that that might be a bit much for me and I would probably be fine with two meals a day and some snacks. I just have one or two meals a day depending on how I feel and the snacks that I eat. I probably average at around 1200 cal a day, but I am very small, I am trying to lose weight, and I don’t mean myself. Maybe one day I might eat 700 cal, but the next day, I hungry and so I eat 1600 cal. I don’t know if it is because I am a female or what, but some days I feel really really hungry and some days I don’t, so sticking to a prescribed calorie amount every day doesn’t work for me. It only works for me to stick to a prescribed calorie amount per week. Some days I’m like, I’m going to eat 1200 cal today, but I only make it to 700 before I am ready to go to sleep. Some other days, I might be like, I’m going to eat 1200 cal, but I am so hungry and I end up going over, so I just don’t do the daily amount thing anymore. I think it actually may be harder for a female to stick to the daily calorie thing because you can get more hungry during times like menstruation and hormonal changes. I don’t know exactly how it works. I just know that some days I’m really hungry and some days I am not. And I do recognize the difference between actually being hungry, and wanting to eat something for recreation, entertainment, or boredom. That is why I still have snacks because I do like to eat for recreation, but I will still only eat my snacks when I’m hungry, so that I’m both eating when I am hungry, but also satisfying the urge to just eat as a form of entertainment if that makes sense. I have some frozen blueberries that I am going to eat as a snack pretty soon. And they will be good for me because they are small, so they take longer to eat, they will be fun to chew on, and the calories will be low. Probably for the amount I am going to eat it will be 50 cal. So during the times you do eat, if you just admit to yourself that eating is fun and the eating is a form of entertainment, you can pick snacks that will be the most fun and entertaining to eat and then you won’t start eating way too many calories. I really like the texture of the Huel as well because that makes it really fun. I love holding it in my mouth and batting around the little specs with my tongue. I also like mine to be more thick so I will add a few spoons of Greek yogurt. But I really love foods that have a lot of special-effects so to speak where the textures and taste and things will change in your mouth. So many people are just so focused on blending the fruit into the shake, but also, you can just put some blueberries in there and leave them home so it can be like a surprise. Also, I haven’t tried this with a shake yet, but what is really fun with a drink is if you get an ice cube that is a different flavor, like if you make an ice cube out of Crystal light or something like that, and then the flavor of your drink actually changes as the ice melts. That works for me. I try to make the things I already eat be more fun and entertaining so that I won’t keep eating as a form of boredom. You can also try to manipulate things so they will take longer to eat like frozen blueberries will take me longer to eat, or pick things that you have to play with such as shelling or sucking or things that take longer. Like if I am going to eat cheese, I will actually eat less calories if I eat string cheese instead of if I just eat slices of cheese because I am having fun, doing something with my hands, and eating at the same time. I haven’t been losing 16 pounds a month like some other people claim it, but I have steadily been losing weight using these strategies. Maybe sometimes I am having a really hard week and something just happens, and I’m like, you know what, for this week, I’m going to just focus on maintaining my current weight and then just pick up on the whole losing weight thing again next week. When you have been losing weight, maintaining your weight is actually pretty easy, and yes, it will be more slow, but if I realize that I just want to take a break, then I would rather take a break, maintain my weight until I want to get started again, and then start losing weight again instead of just abandoning the whole thing and gaining the weight back. Yes, it is slower and if I take a break, it will take longer, but I am doing this for my health, and I want this to last and I want it to stick. I have tried losing weight fast before and it doesn’t work. Maybe if you were like me starting out, and you actually just kept gaining weight, you might say, at first, I’m going to maintain my weight for a while and I’m going to stop gaining weight, and then, once I have the same weight for three weeks or so, then I’m going to start losing weight. And even if you do want candy and you just can’t get past it and you just have to do it pick something like a snickers bar that you eat really fast. Pick something that would be fun to eat, and that you eat more slowly. Maybe you could pick something like Reese’s pieces for example because even though weight wise, they are probably the same amount of calories, you might actually eat less calories because they are more fun and the texture changes as you eat them, and you will probably eat them more slowly and shoe each one individually. With that snickers bar, it’s going to be gone in like 30 seconds, and then you were going to be bored again. Or you can have chocolate covered fruit if you want I candy, but I actually suck on the chocolate until it melts in your mouth, and then lick the chocolate off the fruit with your tongue, and then eat the fruit. If you want to have the chocolate and the fruit together, you could alternate where you eat one fruit hole and then you do that with the next fruit. And if you find yourself wanting to eat a filler food, like just something because it is there, then either tell yourself you’re not hungry and you aren’t eating it and you don’t like it anyways, or just have Huel.