New User/ First Experience

Hey ya’ll, I just started using Huel. I have been waiting for it to become available in the US for about 6 months. I had my expectations set low for the product as far as taste goes because I didn’t think it would keep me full or taste decent. My first experience with the product was actually pretty great. Of course the taste/consistency isn’t the most appetizing thing I have ever eaten, but it is much better than expected. It kind of tastes like Oatmeal with a little vanilla. As far as feeling full, It exceeds expectations. My main reason for purchasing this meal replacement was for work mainly. I am a nurse and work 12 hour shifts, and often don’t have time to eat a nutritious meal and I noticed that I was spending a lot and wasting a lot of food. So far I am a satisfied customer and am excited to see how this changes my eating habits. I do have to agree that blending Huel does help the consistency significantly.


Today is my first day on Huel. I am currently sipping it for lunch. It does taste a lot sweeter than I would ideally want, but not too bad. Blending certainly is a lot better than shaking, so I will try to stick to that.
I am doing this as I am spending a lot of money on lunches when I just wolf them down at my desk. So figured I may as well save money, planet, and have a nutritious and calorie controlled lunch instead.
I am currently doing my own smoothies for breakfast - generally several different kind of vegetables with a bit of fruit for sweetness and add oats. I’ll probably stick with that for variety, as I know they are healthy and I enjoy them.
I am also hoping to lose weight through this, so will report in a month!

OK, I’m over an hour into my shake and I’m really struggling to finish it - I had 700ml total and have 300ml left. Do people have water with it? I’m finding it really sweet now and I have a sweet tooth. Anyone else found this?

I mix the unflavored / unsweetened variety with the
vanilla variety to get just the sweetness level I want. When you say 700 miligrams, is that the total volume of your drink? Is it an option to split it into two servings and dilute it more? Also, you can try adding unsweetened cocoa powder to cut the sweetness.

Thank you! Yes, I was scouring the forum yesterday and so have seen the suggestion to mix the 2. I have now ordered 2 more bags of unsweetened Huel. Hopefully that will make it better. I really want to make it work and obviously don’t want to have wasted £90. But the current level of sweetness is really putting me off. I am not sure I want to dilute much more as I like a fairly thick consistency to my smoothies/shakes.
On the plus side, the last thing I’ m wanting is any cake or biscuits! So I guess that’s a result :slight_smile:

£90? Biscuits? You are of course welcome here, but you might want the main Huel forum. This one is targeted at North American customers. Or if you are a NA customer, you may want to order from the US site rather than internationally.

Ha, yes I am in the UK. Sorry to have confused everyone. Although biscuits is a great word! Cookies is something different in the UK :slight_smile: