Items not received - no response from


Hello all,

I have sent several messages to regarding my order, and have not yet received a response. I was supposed to have received my first Huel deliver about 10 days ago, but nothing has arrived. I live in an apartment complex with package management services, and they’ve received nothing.

I would really like to try Huel but without a response I may have to request a full refund. I’m hoping to get an answer soon. Thank you!


I am having the same issue. I am giving them until noon today, I then will have to attempt to cancel my order. From what I am reading that in itself can be a chore,
Good Luck


i’m having the same problem. I ordered a over a week ago and can’t even get a tracking #. sent 2 emails and no response. i’m getting ready to cancel my order too


Hey @jasonaul, it looks like your order was delivered on Sept 21st at 3:45 and is listed as “left at front door”. As you never received it, I will place a replacement order for you right away. If you’d like to try a different shipping address, possibly a work address or other, or if you would prefer a refund, let me know ASAP.


Hey Deborah, I see that your order was also delivered (last Friday) and listed as “parcel locker”. I have followed up with our fulfillment center about your order as well and will have a replacement shipped your way ASAP.


I am so sorry but the mailman delivered it to the wrong parcel. someone took it to the office here at the apt complex and i’ll pick it up tomorrow. thank you!


Deborah, oh wow, glad you were able to sort it out! However, upon looking further into your order, it looks like the powder wasn’t included in the shipment as a flavor wasn’t selected. I will have a separate powder shipment sent right away. Do you want Vanilla or Unflavored & Unsweetened or a combo?


Yes I just got my box with no powder and no shaker. Vanilla would be great, thanks


Hi! I got my 2 packages of huel today! I did not get a shaker tho. Would you send me a shaker? I thought I was supposed to get one with a subscription. I got my t- shirt so thank you for that


I didn’t get a scoop either


Oh no! Your order got all kinds of funky, didn’t it? I will have a shaker and scoops sent to you right away. :ok_hand:


Hello, What are the options for returns? I ordered a XL grey tshirt but recieved a black one?
Thank you.


Hey @Lyric_Raptor! We’re so sorry you received the wrong shirt color. I just put in a request to have the grey one sent your way ASAP.


Hi there. I wasn’t very worried about the wrongly ship shirt. I understand that these things happen. Thank you very much though for taking care of the matter!!