First Order and never got my package (Please Help)

Hello i just would like to know where my order is i was awake at the time it was supposed to be delivered but no one knocked on my door and there was no package at the front door where they said it was this is my first time buying huel is there a way to get a replacement because i never got my order :’( , thank you in advance and if you need my address please let me know so i can give specific intructions so it wont be delivered wrong.

sometimes, more so recently than orders placed in the past, the carrier (usps, ups, etc) will tell you that your package was delivered when it is still being sorted out by the local shipping facility.
i would check with whoever was supposed to deliver your package first. call them and find out where you shipment is. then, if they don’t know or tell you that it WAS delivered, ask for a shipping receipt to be emailed or delivered to you for proof of drop-off.
after that’s all sorted out, if you still can’t find your order contact Customer Support at Huel to find out if there was any delay or your package might have been shipped to the wrong address.
finally you should be able to request a replacement order or for your money back.
REMEMBER: that delivery dates are just estimates. usually they have the delivery times down to an exact science…but anything can happen to a package once it has left its departing facility and by the time it gets to your door.
ENJOY…i started with Huel myself not all that long ago and i know i am :wink::ok_hand:

FedEx Delivered it and somepeople have a phone miine has no service

what?! your phone doesn’t work? do you have a computer!? you can do most if not all of what i was suggesting online…or go to your local library. or ask a neighbor to use their phone. i don’t know what else to say about that.

i rather not talk to my neighbors they are jerks , one even almost was going to fight my dad and he even threaten him all he asked for was for their kids not to play near his truck, i already went online been waiting since.

alright. sucks to have to wait for other people to get back to you whenever they feel like it (seems that’s how it goes most of the time), just hang in there.

you’ll figure things out eventually

i texted huelusa at instagram they are investigating on what happened it’ll be ok.

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Happy to hear that everything is being resolved!