Shipment issue - no response from Huel support

I placed order# 373317 on 4/26/19 and have not received my Huel delivery yet. After checking the Fedex tracking number, I found that the shipment was delivered to Mira Loma, CA.
However the ship to address for this order is in San Diego, CA.

Sent two emails to over the last couple of days and haven’t heard anything back…

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I have had the same issue, although did did end up sending me all I needed there are still some things i need to resove. Hope the team can get things in order soon.

Hey Ken–replied back to your ticket. Looks like FedEx damaged the package–wanting to confirm your address prior to sending out a replacement. Please check your inbox :slight_smile:

Hey Cory–replied back to you! Everything looks sorted with your issue now but please reply back to my email if you have any questions.

I have a similar issue. Ordered 72 bottles and only received 24. I’ve been contacting Huel and no response. My order number is 495214. If someone could get back to me that would be great. So far this customer experience is making me second guess my desire to continue even though I had already wanted to place another order…

Hey Robert. For large orders like yours they typically arrive in separate shipments. I’ll reply to your CS tickets with the tracking IDs.