Didn’t receive my Huel

So I am a first time user and made my first order January 17th. I did receive a package from you, but the Huel that I ordered wasn’t in there. My shaker bottle and T-shirt was in there, but no Huel. So I emailed right away and didn’t here anything back until Tuesday the 22nd. Christian emailed me and told me there was a glitch with the system and inform them of the flavors I wanted and they would get it out to me. Which is great. But there was no contact email to email Christian, so I replied back to the sending email, which was support@huel.gnatta.com. So I don’t know if Christian got it, if my Huel was sent or did it just disappear into a junk file. I’m just looking for a little more communication.
Thank you,
Order number #288040

Hey @Nesta32! I can confirm that your order has been placed with your missing bags of Huel. You will receive it in 3-5 business days. :slight_smile: So sorry about that and let us know if you have anymore questions. We’re for ya if you need us.

Thank you for looking into and responding back. I am glad to hear it is in the way.

Is there any chance I can get a tracking number?

Hello, is there anybody there?

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Welcome to the world of Huel! Communication and fulfillment are not their strong point by a long shot. Not sure if a good product can overcome bad customer service.

13 Days out from my order,
6 Days out from my tracking number created.
Multiple messages back and forth.
A couple of Private messages
1 phone call


For those that might not believe, he is my tracking number, go ahead, check for yourself!

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they said 3-5 business days. today is business day number five. maybe it will come today?

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Hey Sandra–we’ve explained the situation via DMs and provided discounts for the issue. I just created a brand new order since this one is clearly lost either in our system or USPS.

Our apologies if anyone has felt like they’ve received poor customer service. We are a rather small team in the US so all of this feedback helps improve our service.

Your are right omikes, I’m a fairly positive person, maybe it will come today. Fingers crossed!

Thank you, hopefully this one will do the trick.

Ordered Huel 15 days back. Money has been charged but there is no update about shipment and no response from support team. Tried to reach them like a million times. No response from the team.

Heyo! Are you a US customer? I can’t find any accounts under your email.

Hi Tyler, I order Huel to India. This is my order number 641919.

OK great. We reached out to our team in the UK and they have contacted the shipper to send out the order.