I really wanted to like Huel, but I just can't stand it!

I was really excited to try Huel and wanted to like it, but I just can’t stand it. I could deal with the taste if it weren’t so clumpy, even when blended. The texture makes me gag. My roommate could deal with the texture, but she hates the taste. My fiance is the only one willing to drink it, but the only way she can is by blending a single tablespoon with a full glass of rice milk, and the only reason she’s drinking it is to try to get rid of it. I got the chocolate and vanilla flavors. The chocolate is the one I tried and now I’m afraid to open the vanilla. I really wanted to like it, but I am just so very disappointed.

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What liquid are you using and how much liquid? I usually have no clumping, and if I do it’s very small which may happen sometimes - I use Almond Milk + Blender Ball + Huel filter with about 30mL Liquid, usually zero to little clumping, I am using Huel Black Edition though, haven’t tested the regular version. Also, have you tried letting it sit for at least an hour in the fridge after mixing, and mixing again after removing from the fridge?



i loved it from day one

but the longer i was vegan it got better…

i preffrred v3 and when i was having that black huel tasted weaker… now not at all… its a strong flavour and i love it

taste buds are not simple.

i dont know how they work but it changes…

i suggest try again another time?


It ain’t for everybody.


You cannot just try one or two doses of Huel and then dismiss it. You will want to give it a 2 week trial or so, to allow your taste buds to get used to it. Your palate may be too used to highly processed or sweet things and your brain won’t be able to switch over to a healthy alternative in just a day or two. Show some intestinal fortitude, man the **** up for your health, and finish that bag yourself. Then, after you’ve given it a good 2 weeks, if it hasn’t gotten any better, then you can come back here and tell me “I told you so”. However, if this is something that could significantly improve your health, and/or lead your palate down the road to a better diet, then it’s worth it. My weekly diet now is so dramatically different than what I was eating a few years back. If the 2020 Deron went back in time and told the 2018 Deron what I was eating, I would have the same reaction as you. But here I am, leaner, healthier, and with a much improved quality of life than just 2 years ago.


Down 91 lbs in 1 year… Plant based diet consisting of 2/3 Huel meals has been instrumental to my health. To your point, he should give it a fair shot.


I used water. I just used the shaker with the recommended amount of powder and liquid. it was too clumpy so blended it in a magic bullet for a minute. I still couldn’t get over the texture

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I am new to Huel, one week on it… and when I first had it I was OK with the taste. I also had some clumps the first day, even though I shook the hell out of it. The next day I made it in my NutriBullet and had zero clumps. I suggest you try it with some of the Huel recipes on their website, the one I am doing now makes it taste like a desert. Since I am new and this is actually the first time I am writing here, I am reserving my review until I am using it for 2 weeks or more to give it an honest review, but if I had to give one now I would say that Huel is wonderful and life changing. I am feeling so rejuvenated and so much more aware and energetic that I am pinching myself if this is real or if its a placebo affect of trying a new product. I started feeling like that on my 3rd day on it. I am using the Black Edition, the vanilla flavor for now and just having it once a day as a meal replacement. It also satisfies my appetite as well. I can honestly say that after the 3rd day I was really loving the taste just on its own, but after combining some Huel recipes it is even better now. I suggest you refrigerate it as well when you make it, to drink it cold. All the best.


I can attest to the fact that you can change your palate. For the longest time I drank coffee with cream and sugar. I resolved to drink it black to avoid the empty calories. It took a while but now it’s what I genuinely prefer.

To me, it’s almost like hearing someone say, “I wanted to get in shape so I tried exercising, but I thought it sucked because it took so much time, I got tired, and I don’t like sweating a lot.”


yeah, this…


I disagree - I usually don’t like something from the first taste. If they’re doing something the wrong way, no matter how many tries they do it’ll still lead to poor results. It’s better to switch to something that works than to continue something that doesn’t in the hopes that one may adjust to something terrible


so… you only try something once?

there a bajillion factors why something is the way it is at one given moment.


Depending on the person though, a nice plate of good healthy tasty vegetables might not taste as good the first week if their previous diet was as @Deron mentioned, more towards the unhealthy side of food, the body will still want the previous food - the 2nd week you’ll start to feel excited for the healthy plate of tasty vegetables instead of the previous food and your body will forget about desiring the other foods - an example. Of course though if you really dislike it all together then I agree :laughing: But that’s why some people fail to switch over to healthier diets (myself included) as after a couple of days they’ll switch back to what they were eating before.


Take a look at kids, for example. Do you know how many times a kid will eat something and go “blah” on the first try? I don’t know of any 2nd grader who wants to eat lima beans or broccoli on their first try. But sometimes the parent has to force the issue at first, at least until the kid learns to either like it or tolerate it.

And sometimes there are situations of food insecurity or scarcity, or resource limitations, and people have to learn to adjust their palate to what is available.

And to be clear, I wasn’t trying to be a dick to our OP. I was trying to use some “tough love” or “drill sargeant” tactics to help him. Sometimes we need to hear a stern message if the end result makes us better for it. Lord knows it’s worked for me in my life.


Look, I remember my life. When I first ate broccoli I liked it. I tried canned chickpeas and didn’t like it the first time and still don’t like it. It turned me away from veganism since I was a kid. The first time I tried lima beans, I was 10. I thought they were the best.

All I can say is: where’s your proof? I have it: https://inews.co.uk/news/education/children-picky-eaters-habit-make-it-worse-study-2864330

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Actually, yes - I’ve been trying everything that I want to once and only once my entire life. If I eat it twice, I forgot it or try to avoid that happening - the only time I’ve tried something more than once is because it was pushed on me (my parents would make me do a 3 bite club - which meant 3 equal bites - never again!).

People need to keep trying out new things until they find what they like if the first few foods aren’t great - because I doubt distasteful or non-enjoyable food will change their mind anytime soon unless they eat for nutritional value instead of taste (which is what I do these days - I’ve been there, done that with tastes - as I just want to taste something once).

i wont tell u what to do

Goodness that’s a lot of hubris.

Clearly, they are doing more than a few things right here judging by the enormous number of satisfied users as opposed to yourself. Think about that for a second.

I suspect that if you are still posting with this account created in January even after you became completely convinced that Huel is a “terrible” product that is done the “wrong way,” that you are either extremely bored or your primary goal here is to troll.

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I just come here to understand and be understood, as we all have different views and learning about each other’s how we learn - as I have some unconventional lifestyles. My tastebuds are genetically different than other people’s, so it’s cool to see the other side I thought.

Hey! Sounds like a rough start with Huel. I can see that there a couple of tips to help with the clumpy-ness.

We can also suggest mixing it by different parts so adding one scoop with water or milk and mixing it (by hand or blender) then repeating the same process with the second scoop.

If you still are experiencing trouble, then feel free to email us and we would be happy to further assist on your journey.