Help! Super unsatisfied

I was so excited to try Huel. I read all of the great reviews and ordered the (mandatory) 2 bags of chocolate flavor(so expensive) . I’ve tried so many recipes. I end up holding my nose and chugging it. Anyone feel the same? How do you get through it? Can I get my money back??

Have you searched this group for the many, many recipes and enhancements that people have offered?

Almond or oat milk, flavored or unflavored.
PB2 with or without cocoa
High quality cacao powder
Various flavored coffee creamers
Peanut Butter

There are more if you look around.


I have tried many that I found on here. It always turns out so lumpy. And if I put it in the fridge it gets so thick. What ratios do you use?

I use a blender and use 80 grams of powder to 12 ounces of liquid, sometimes a little more. If I leave that in the fridge over night it gets super creamy.

The blender I use is a little personal Oster. You blend the shake directly in the sports bottle, so there is no extra cleanup.

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It used to be good! The good reviews are for version 1.1 which they recently discontinued.

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Maybe that’s why it fooled me… I’m guessing you feel the same way about this stuff. Did you get your money back?

I’ll give it a try! Thanks for the input :slightly_smiling_face:

I can’t say I agree with you. However, what this does illustrate is that all our tastes are different. I actually like the chocolate flavor. I combine almond milk, a frozen banana, and a scoop of chocolate. I have no issues with the taste. My advice is to play with the amount of mix, the liquid, and any added ingredients. You may not have found your sweet spot yet. I have been using protein powder for 30 years, and put Huel in the upper tier in terms of taste and utility. To each their own though.


I love love love Huel Black. It’s delicious and perfect if you use a little immersion blender. Even better if it is in the fridge overnight. I use more water than recommended. I used to use almond milk but it tastes great without it so I cut out that extra expense.


I also don’t care for the chocolate flavor. If you order again I highly recommend the unflavored unsweetened version with the flavor boosts they sell, not the chocolate though. All the other flavors are great. Don’t drink the unflavored version alone though. Must use the flavor packets.

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Agreed, after trying the vanilla Huel yesterday and now trying the chocolate one today - it is day and night. Blending, adding a little almond milk and a little bit of banana helps soooo so so much.


Also disappointed

I’ve tried regular huel vanilla and chocolate and enjoy them but I just tried huel black - chocolate and didn’t like it. It’s disappointing because it’s so much more expensive than the regular huel. Will try a few recipes to see if I can consume this bag but next time will go back to regular huel