I really wanted to like Huel, but I just can't stand it!

Tbh my first one was coffee caramel flavour and I hated it SO MUCH.
Second day I tasted the salted caramel one, not hoping for much and I liked it a lot. It had less clumps in it and it was more sugary.
Third day (today ) I made another In the end I added 2 tbsp of instant coffee in my shake, it gave more taste to my shake and also I started to know how to avoid the clumps by shaking it better and using a spoon to break all the clumps I could!! It’s long and fastidious I know… It’s like burning 400cal to drink the same amount XDDD

Im…late, to say something. Lots of topics.

You still hanging in there?!

Check out the Recipes tab. So many great ways to jazz up a shake to make it healthier or to mask the flavor.

It’s not for everyone, but to take the time to create a post and read the responses makes me think, maybe, you were secretly fishing for recipes/ideas on making your shakes go down better.

1 scoop per 330ml of water, hand blender, salted caramel flavor. Just fixed all of your problems.