Huel Unboxing & Taste Test (Video)

Hey everyone!

I decided to try out Huel. I made an unboxing and taste test video. Since filming this video, I have gotten used to the flavor and LOVE Huel now. It has helped me control my weight more and has given me a bit more energy during the day.

I would love to know your thoughts, how is huel working out for you? What has your experience been like so far?


Thanks for the review, Felipe! <3

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I use have been consuming Huel for months. I use it for breakfast every day, and some times lunch. The last two weeks I have been exercising (I haven’t in a long time) and using Huel for breakfast and lunch, then I go to work, and eat dinner leftovers or something else when I come home. I feel great. My body feels energetic, and my mind is at peace knowing I am eating more healthily than I ever have before. Thanks to Huel. :slight_smile:

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Juulin’ and Huelin’, I gotta use that now.


:joy::joy::joy: haha I was trying to come up with other words but that’s all I could think of, Juul n’ Huel

My mind is at peace as well! I would settle for fast food during the work week due to having no time. I’m glad Huel only takes a minute to make and very “on-the-go.”

No prob, I love Huel!