Newish Hueligan

Just wanted to provide a bit of a thank you to the makers of Huel.

Over the course of the last 2 years, I’ve lost around 130 pounds. I lost the last forty of that eating almost 100% Huel. Now, I would have lost the weight without Huel, but the bigger and more important thing that Huel has provided is a plan for keeping the weight off (through using Huel for about 80% to my nutrition). I also lost a lot of that weight eating a lot of really unhealthy fast food. Huel refocused me on nutrition, rather than losing weight.

Totally changed my mindset on food from: (1) Fun to (1) Fuel and (2) Fun.

My favorite taste wise is the Ready-to-Drink (Vanilla and Berry). I’m now also in love with the Hot And Savory (Thai Green Curry :slight_smile: ). I also use some Huel Black and 3.0 Powder when I’m trying to hit certain macros, and the bars, so I’m really using all the products!

Huel has also focused me on my impact on the world, and I’ve become full vegan since starting with Huel.

So, just a thank you!

I wish I had before and after bloodwork to post, but unfortunately, the pandemic has prevented me from doing my annual physical.

Edit: Also Huel T-Shirts are my quarantine attire. What an amazing fitting shirt.


Hey @lrusso4211,

Posts like this truly make my day! You are thanking us? We want to thank YOU for being an amazing Hueligan! You set goals and achieved them which is so impressive and cool!

We are so proud of your Huel journey. The best part about Huel is how it can be worked into your everyday meal structure and it seems that you have found a good balance now of enjoying Huel and homecooked food while still being able to achieve your goals!

Your favorite flavors are all delicious😋 Was wondering what your favorite flavors of Huel Black and v3.0 are? Also, what is your go to bar?

We also appreciate you caring about the environment and knowing how much we care about our impact on planet earth!

P.S. The T-shirts are pretty comfy huh? :wink:

Again can’t reiterate enough how happy posts like this make me and how proud we are to have you as a Hueligan! Keep on killing it💖