Super Noob looking for advice

In the past, I was tempted to purchase Soylent, but noticed that it was always sold out (when I was looking). Over time, I realized that I’m not dedicated enough nor interested in having that much soy. Just not a fan of the stuff. But, given that I’m plenty overweight, (5’11", ~295lbs) I’m hoping to find something that can help me control my munching through the day, and not eat ALL THE GARBAGE.

I’m a Design Engineer, so super sedentary during the day. I tend to drink an energy drink in the morning on my way to work with the intention of eating at work. Mostly doesn’t happen. So I skip breakfast (with those energy drinks in my belly) and forget to eat lunch at a decent time, so IF i brought something, I eat that, but am munchy. Otherwise, fast food. And I overeat, then dinner isn’t bad, as my wife is trying to keep us mostly healthy.

Huel popped up on the Facebooks, and got me thinking again. While trying to do all of my research, I’m just wondering if anyone has had success mixing it with herbal teas, mate, or CrioBru?

And what would be the recommended intro order? I’m thinking 1 Vanilla, 2 U/U… That should get me through the first month, 2 meals a day, M-F


Hi there :smiley:

So I dispatch for a living, used to be 911 but I hightailed it out of there. So I hear you on that sedentary thing. I usually plant in a chair and don’t move out of it for 8 hours. It’s nuts. Anyway, Huel is awesome. I get up about 10am, eat a meal prepped breakfast (canadian bacon, poached egg, toast) and slam that down with a diet mt. dew or one of those “zero” type energy drinks, I favor the rockstars / monsters over red bull because less carbs - but either or. Lunch is Huel - I mix it with the flavor powders or make it with fruit - whatever I’m feeling. Dinner is fish, steamed veg and rice. I make sure I have two clementine oranges and a P3 protein pack for snacks during the day. This keeps me full and happy and not hangry. My bus operators thoroughly appreciate the not being hangry :smiley:

I don’t know if that’s helpful to you or not. I will say that I drink the huel about 2pm and I have to force the oranges down at 4pm. By the time I get home at 8pm, I’m still not really feeling the whole eating thing. I usually don’t get hungry until about 9-930.

I think you’ll be fine with two Huels and a meal, tbh. I’d be fine doing that but I’m trying to spread my Huel out and make it last as long as possible. I can’t really afford to do more Huel than I’m doing. I DID see someone mixed with herbal teas somewhere on here, I believe they used the U/U for it with positive outcome.

Cheers :smile:

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The math seems right for 3 bags.

If I were to place a 3 bag order I would do 1 Vanilla, 2 U/U because I don’t like it especially sweet so that is the actual ratio I consume. However, I would drink straight Vanilla before I would drink straight UU. UU just needs something in my opinion, which is why I’d make the conservative recommendation and suggest someone new do 2 Vanilla, and 1 U/U.

If you plan on doing lots of mixing of things this becomes less of an issue. Since you are asking about mixing with more “earthy” flavors, that could be another indication the more UU is right for you. Note: even with the flavors just launched in the US, you will get better results if you are mixing with a little vanilla or something additional to give a bit of sweetness.

I’ve mixed with Chai tea, and that makes a good warm Huel drink. There is a lot of variation in herbal tea so results could vary and I don’t remember anyone specifically mentioning mixing with teas on this forum. They sell matcha as a flavor enhancement in the UK market, and while UK Huel tastes different than US Huel, that is probably a good indication tea flavors can mix. Cacao is also a UK flavor.

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As I’ve continued catching up on new posts I found the tea reference (added in the last 24 hours):


just did it. pulled the trigger. got the subscription, now to roll on. the wife has convinced me to do a 10k at the beginning of may, and to get my tail back into the gym. so… no excuses anymore. thank you for the advice!