Huel Ready-to-drink

I’m thinking about buying it, but I’m scared about the taste. If anybody bought it can you please give me feedback on it. Thanks!

I think the preorders are shipping out sometime this week. It’ll probably take several days before anyone gets their lips on one.

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I just got tracking info on my order of the RTD, It’s supposed to arrive tomorrow! Got one pack of each flavor.


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Same, but two vanillas. Having tried the powder form of berry now, I wish I had gotten one of each too.

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Well when you guys get them. Can you tell me how you like it (: thanks

Got my order in this morning. First, don’t drop the bottles. One fell out of my hands and hit the linoleum in the kitchen. The bottom of the bottle broke, making a nice puddle of Vanilla Huel. Deunan, my chief of home security/package inspector/all around helper/supervisor (75 LBS White GSD), inspected the mess, and tasted it. After a few laps, she looked at me and said, “I like it!”

I Salvaged the remaining Vanilla to a cup, drank it. It tasted good, fairly strong vanilla flavor. Kinda like drinking a thin vanilla cake batter. (No judging that I know what that taste like! :wink:)

I tried a Berry next, good berry flavor. Not as cake-battery as the vanilla.

If you have problems with the grittiness of the powder mix, these are just the ticket. No grittiness at all, a very smooth drink. Thumbs and paws up!




Did it fill you up, or did you have to drink another?

I thought they were supposed to ship on the 28th, but I’ve received no tracking info.

@Robert_Daniel It didn’t all spill on the floor. I was able to pour the remains of the bottle into a glass. There was about half left in the bottle.

@mg922 I got my tracking last night. Mine shipped from Los Angeles, I live north of there in Ventura County.

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Thanks for the reply…hope I get my tracking info soon. I ordered them specifically for an 18 hour drive in a moving van where they will be extremely convenient…if I get them in time! I could’ve sworn I read that pre-orders would ship out on the 28th, but it sounds like only some of them did.

Hey, I live in Newbury Park! Small world.

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I’ve lived in Simi and T.O., Now up in Santa Paula.

Oh no! Sorry to hear about your broken bottle @Bigdaddy, but I think it made Deunan’s inspection job a lot easier!

@mg922 Your order was shipped from our other fulfillment center where there was a slight delay due to the holidays. Good news though! I have your tracking number, so I’ll send ya a private message with your info. :slight_smile:

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I have been drinking the powdered Huel for a while now and I like it but I like the ready to drink even better. I ordered the berry and the vanilla and I like the vanilla best. I am the worlds laziest ass and if there’s an excuse to not do something, I’ll find it. The ready to drink shoots down my time restraint excuses not to make my Huel, and my “oops, I’m out of xxx” excuses and whatever else I can come up with that will end with me picking up fast food or whatever junk.
I hope there are some new flavors soon.


The ready to drink mix should be one of the food items up for bid on the show Survivor, when they’re hungry and spending lots on foods. “Provides everything your body needs, desperately needs right now. Let’s start the bidding at $100.”