Huel Berry RTD is delicious

It tastes just like the powder form of berry Huel. Its really tasty. At the very least I am going to have it for breakfast indefinitely. Wonderful way to start the morning.


I’m a vanilla gal myself, but that berry is hard to beat! :heart_eyes::strawberry: Thanks for your feedback, Mikey!

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Just had my first chocolate huel version 1.1. Really did not have much flavor in my opinion. People here have talked about a rich chocolate flavor and I just didn’t have the same experience.


I think the flavors are weak if you follow the suggested ratios on the boosters so I wondered about this. I always add more of the boosters. Good feed back on the chocolate flavor mix.

I’m really digging the mocha and strawberry. The chocolate seems to not have much punch to me.

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Finally tried the berry RTD Huel today. They did an excellent job. I’d rate it a 7 out of 10, which is very impressive considering I can’t add anything to it. (Keep in mind, only a powdered Huel dose with peanut butter can hope to get a 10 from me.)

I was gonna be away from home for a while and needed something to tie me over. Had a berry Huel RTD already in the fridge. Tossed it in a cooler pack into the back seat. Busted it open when I was feeling peckish. Hit the spot.

RTD is not going to replace my usual powdered Huel blended dinner for work. And it can’t replace the wife’s amazing stew peas and boiled green banana (love that stuff). But I can definitely see keeping one of these in the fridge at all times and another chilling in the office fridge at work. Could really come handy in a pinch where you need a medium sized meal and don’t want to succumb to fast food. And certainly better than those Ensure that have been sitting in the pantry.

You guys need to make a spoof parody commerical of the Ensure. The one where the Ensure is “cleaning out” the fridge telling the unhealthy stuff to go. Then at the end, Huel RTD is standing behind Ensure, staring him down. Ensure looks back and says “oh s***. It’s you!”. End scene.


“Milk does a body good” (show nutrition facts of 1 cup of milk)
“Huel does a body much, much better.” (show the nutrition facts of Huel)

or, people posing with their Huel-staches after taking a drink of Huel: “Have Huel?”

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Was ensure ever supposed to be a complete meal though?

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Technically a human can survive on Ensure alone. Some of our ICU patients are on Ensure tube feeds until they can take solid food… If they ever get to that state.

Wow. Why can’t they just get the food and purée it and add water to it and then put it in the tube? Or even put something in the tube like baby food or something if that was too hard to make it like that. I don’t know. I was just thought you couldn’t survive on ensure because of its name, so that is interesting. I was looking at that stuff online and it seems pretty expensive. It seems like it would be easier and cheaper to put Huel in the tube. I know it has a little bits in it, but I think it could make it. I don’t know though. I don’t know a lot about it.

Sabra Ewing

Dobhoff tubes are the most commonly placed feeding tube due to ease. Can be inserted at bedside with minimal sedation by a nurse. Less risk than some other forms of tubes. Unfortunately, they clog easily if particle size is too big. So only approved, pre-made tube feeding formulations can go through these. I run into problems with Dobhoffs since some of our medications cannot be crushed into small enough pieces for the nurse to “crush and flush”, so we have to specially compound these in the pharmacy. And sometimes there is no option to compound, so I have to suggest an IV med or another med altogether. There are very few things that irritate a nurse more than a clogged Nasogastric tube.

Hmmm… I think Huel RTD could probably go through one of these tubes. It would theoretically be healthier than Ensure. Perhaps this is a market yet to be tapped by our Huel overlords :slight_smile:

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Mix the vanilla flavored one with the berries one.

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Believe it or not, I was looking on the FAQ, and they are saying that if you add a lot of water, this can be inserted into the tube with a syringe using the bolus method whatever that means.

Sabra Ewing

Bolus just means via syringe as opposed to via a pump.

We’ve had people administer powdered Huel in water through NG and PEG tubes (I think even a PEJ in one person).

I’ve not heard of Huel RTD being used yet, but in theory it should be fine as long as there’s flushing before and after.

(For reference, I worked with enteral tube patients 1995 to 2002 both in UK hospitals and with patients being enterally fed in the community)