RTD Berry and Vanilla Out?

Any idea when Vanilla and Berry RTD will be back in stock?

They’ve both been unavailable since before – December 20 in the last decade – when I was forced to make an all Chocolate order.

You’re messing with my food source here! SMILE!

I may have to go to Soylent and get an interim delivery of their RTD Strawberry and Mint Chocolate if I have to wait much longer.


Ordered a little more Huel Chocolate RTD for my wife today.

Also today, ordered $300 of RTD Soylent Mint and Strawberry for me.

Gotta eat. Gotta plan. Gotta know when, where, how and why my food source is available.

Is it a trade secret when RTD Berry and Vanilla will be back in stock for purchase? Just checked. Still not available.

Hey @boles! We’re aiming to be back in stock of our Berry and Vanilla Ready-to-Drink Huel in mid-February😁 I’ll be sure to keep the forum up to date when we get closer to that time. So glad you and your wife decided to jump on Chocolate this time around! If you haven’t tried it yet - I would love to know your thoughts!

Have a great rest of your day🎉

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Yikes! That’s a long wait. Is the recipe changing?

I love Chocolate RTD, but it’s a little too rich for me to drink all day taste-wise. However, my wife doesn’t have that problem! SMILE!

I will have to give Soylent a little more business, I fear, until mid-February hits.

I appreciate the response, and look forward to your shipping update.

Here’s my original Chocolate RTD review, the first posted analysis, I believe, in this forum:

Thanks for the reply @Christian_Huel. I was also a little concerned about the backordered products. I was wanting to purchase some more of the flavor packets and most of those appear to be unavailable at this time. The salted caramel and pumpkin pie spice boosts are very good. Much improved and natural tasting verses the previous generation of boost powders. So please let me know when they will be available again.

BTW, I finally got around to starting my box of chocolate RTD and it’s really good. Not as good as what I can blend up with my own Huel mixture but for a premade product it’s quite good. (And better than Cacao Soylent). Powdered Huel is still my mainstay but I have found the RTD a nice option every once in a while, so I want to keep some in my wine fridge for those days.

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