Sorry that RTD is temporarily out of stock

You might have seen that our Ready-to-drink is out of stock, for a number of flavors and all flavors in the USA. We just wanted to let you know that it’s not going anywhere! But after a crazy start to the year we’ve been trying to keep up with demand. We’ve got plans in place to increase capacity but it might be a few weeks until we’re back in stock.

We think that by the end of April, things will be back to normal.

If you’ve had subs unfulfilled, or not been able to place orders - we’re so sorry and our Hueligans deserve better. Please bear with us.




Too funny.

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I just ordered Huel Black in the meantime. I’ve never tried your powders so I’m actually looking forward to it.

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome! :slight_smile:

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I appreciate the transparency, but wasn’t the first RTD re-stock date supposed to be mid-February?

Now that’s been pushed back two more months to the end of April? How does something like that happen?

Is this RTD delay in any way related to delayed chain problems because of the Coronavirus? Are any of your suppliers located in China, or Japan or another quarantined country?


You may have missed the thread where they source a ton of their ingredients from China.

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I remember reading that thread, but wasn’t that more about powder than RTD?

Brown rice protein and sunflower powder are sourced from China:

Curious to know what the response to this is as well.

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Great questions David. Honestly, some manufacturers have let us down but we have found a resolution to this. The downside is this resolution comes into play in April.

The delay isn’t related to the coronavirus. We’re nice and organised here at Huel and have several weeks of ingredients. Many factories in China are back in operation after a period of shutdown. It’s important to note that the virus doesn’t appear to spread through food, just like other common viruses.


Thanks for the update!

You’re in a good business where people will always be hungry for more!


Hi Dan,

Still on track for April, given COVID-19?

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Currently yes, but the situation is changing day-by-day. I would recommend ordering the Powders and Bars for now as they are in stock.