Huel Payment Refuses to Work for Me

The Good/Great: I’m almost finished with my first shipment (2 bags) of Huel, and it is the best powder of its kind I have ever had. I tastes good, mixes well, travels easily, and I love the nutritional content, the sourcing, the whole idea behind it. It’s what I have been looking for to reinvent my approach to food and nutrition.

The Bad: This is the second time I’ve tried to order through their site and been rejected. I’m in the U.S., use a common debit card that I know has a sufficient balance and that I used just a few minutes earlier to pay bills online. However, the Huel ordering page said both times my card was rejected. Last time I went to customer service, and their answer was, “We know of no issues with our online payment processing.” Well, that’s not true, because I’m telling you of one right now. She wasn’t exactly dismissive, but it was clear she thought the problem was on my end. Very frustrating.

I could use Paypal, but even though the Paypal logo is displayed, that option isn’t offered to me. Neither is Amazon Payments, although they do stipulate that AP is for single purchases only. But there is no such stip for PP.

I could try another credit card, but the onus should be on Huel to fix this. For a company doing online business directly with the customer, this is unsat. You’re losing revenue, and customers.

P.S. Last time I ordered from Amazon. It was more expensive, but at least I could trust the payment system.

I worked at a food training website as the tech support person. Someone would call me once a week yelling at me that our charging system was down. 9 times out of 10 they were using a debit or credit card with an address that was not the same address (or phone number) their bank had. Not saying this is the case with you, but give it a try.

Thank you for the suggestion. Already considered. Again, this is a debit card linked to my primary checking account. I use it almost every day.

Hi @vuduray,

Is this one-time purchase or subscription order?

If it’s a one-time purchase I suggest trying to process the order through PayPal or Amazon Pay.

One thing to also keep in mind is we do not accept prepaid debit cards for Subscription orders.


This was for a subscription order. And no, this is not a prepaid debit card. This is a standard debit card linked to a common bank account.

Today I ordered my 3rd shipment of Huel. Again, the ordering system rejected my debit card. Instead of paying more to order through Amazon, this time I set up a subscription with my credit card. I finally get my t-shirt. :grinning:

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Hey Gerald! Sorry the payment system is being so difficult for you. I promise, we really do want you to order Huel and this isn’t some cruel, elaborate joke. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: We’re glad your subscription worked with a credit card though and we look forward to seeing you rock your Huel shirt!

Hey @vuduray, have you tried contacting the financial institution you have the card with to see if they can tell you why it’s being declined? It’s possible that for some reason it is being flagged as a possible fraudulent charge. Worth a shot to reach out and see if it’s something on their end causing it.

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