No paypal option?

Hi i cant order your product as i have a prepaid card… id rather order via paypal which your site states it supports yet it doesnt.

Hi @Murdersbane, you may get a faster response from Huel by emailing support,

They do check the forums, but in my personal experience, emailing support is the fastest way to go.

Hope they can resolve the issue!

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Hi @Murdersbane

Unfortunately, PayPal is only accepted for one-time orders.


Hey, that’s not “unfortunate” - it solves Murdersbane’s immediate problem.

I don’t use the subscription option because I don’t trust that I’ll use a steady enough rate - so I order 1-time when I open the last bag I have. I know, I’m missing out on the discount but w/e.

Just as an fyi, Miked, as someone who has done it before, I can tell you it is super easy to cancel or change subscription amounts whenever you want.

I keep adjusting my Huel intake and thus change reorder sub amounts.

You can easily cancel a sub and reset a new one for a day you want it to charge and the amount you want as well as the frequency.

Sometimes if I start getting a buildup of a few bags I go in and push my renewal to further in the future. It’s also super easy to manage considering the stuff lasts a year sealed anyway.

The savings for me is worth extra couple minutes I login to do this.

It’s all up to preference.