Problems with Ordering

Hey there!

This is the only place I saw to post to get some information. Tried to place my first order tonight and it said my card was declined (both of them actually). Called my bank and they said they don’t see any processing problems on their side. I did ask them to check the “Allow international button” just in case you guys were processing transactions thru a UK payment vendor.

Is there anyone I can email to see if you can give me some more instruction on how to order or if there’s anything I can do on my side to fix the issue?


I had that same exact issue actually. Tried my debit card and got that message.

Tried my credit card and then it went through.

No idea why my debit would get declined and not my credit card.

How peculiar. I supposed both of my cards were debit and I hadn’t even thought of that. Used my Master Card and it went thru with no problem. Still something someone may need to look into (I’m not particularly fond of using my credit card for stuff to be honest).

From my it sounds like there could be a problem there and I am sorry you encountering issues. I did a little investigating to learn the following.

The payment processing is different or subscription and no subscription orders. Switching to the other may let you card go through (though at a different price). If you indicate your order type that might make it a little easier for the Huel folks to investigate.

This does not sound like your problem but may be relevant for for future readers (I learned this trying to investigate your issue without actually making an order): prepaid cards will only work with non-subscription orders. If you try one with a subscription order you will get the message:

Processor stripe says: Prepaid cards are not allowed.

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I actually had this exact issue when I first tried to order and have a potential solution. When I placed my order it was declined even though my debit card information was correct. I got a call from my banks fraud department asking if I had tried to make a purchase in the UK for the exact amount of my Huel order. This was a non subscription order by the way. After I told them I did I was able to place my order without issue. It seems like they are using a UK based processor at least for the non subscription orders (cant speak for the subscription orders as I don’t have one) Also the reason you got through with a credit card from my experience is that they have fewer restrictions where they are tied to a line of credit and not an actual bank account. If anyone at HUEL reads this you may want to consider a domestic credit card processor just to prevent any ordering issues.

I will say that I did do a subscription with my debit card on this one. When I called the bank, they told me that had absolutely no attempt at a transaction on their records. Just throwing that out there for anyone who may be reading.

I’m having the same problem right now, trying to order a non subscription and It’s declined both of my debit cards. Called the bank and they have no transaction attempts.

UPDATE: I’ve just used my credit card instead of my debit and had no troubles…weird.