Problem with a subscription; no response from

I subscribed to Huel in August and received my welcome pack. I went through the acclimation period and love the product! However, I am not able to continue enjoying the product (as much as I want to). You see, my subscription was set to ship again on September 7th, though I never received my two bags of Huel.

I viewed my order history on the Web site and see that order #183561 has been paid for, though it indicates a status of un-fulfilled. Since then, I have sent three emails to to get an update and have not received a single response. I provided my email address and cell phone number requesting an update to no avail.

I am at the point where I love the product but do not love the customer service. My next shipment is set to ship in 4 days (on the 21st) and I fear that I will be charged another $60 and not receive any product. Can someone please fill me in on my order status? I spent two weeks acclimating to the product, fell in love with it, and am now going to have to re-acclimate after an extended break that was out of my control.

Please, someone at Huel, help me! @Alex_Huel, @Sothan_Huel

If you still haven’t heard anything I would recommend that you go to your bank, and show them this message, including the emails that you have sent them, and get them to issue a chargeback.

This means that you will get your money back.

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Hi @DidacticDan,

I responded to your email two days ago but incase you haven’t seen it yet here is an update with your order.

I have reprocessed your order in our system and it was shipped yesterday. You should receive the order within a few business days.

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Thanks @Sothan_Huel; I did not see any email response and verified spam filters. I’ll ensure there’s no filtering issue on my end.

Curious: what was the reason for the delay?

Trust me, I know what a chargeback is. I am hoping to rectify it with @Sothan_Huel first. I do see that the order was reprocessed and that a shipping label has been created. It was supposed to be delivered today, though it hasn’t even been given to FedEx yet. At this point, my Sept 21 order will get here before my Sept 7 order.

It also shows a status of partially refunded, though there is no indication of a refund anywhere.

If I didn’t like the product, I wouldn’t be this patient. My patience, however, is running out.

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Hey Dan, I hear you. I checked on your order and noticed the same thing. I can assure you that this is out of the ordinary, as your order should be in transit or delivered by now. I have followed up with our fulfillment center regarding your order and will follow up with you as soon as possible. I’m truly sorry for this inconvenience. This is not at all the experience we want our Huelers to have. I promise we’ll get this resolved for you!

Hi Dan! Just following up here. It looks like your package was delivered on Saturday, the 22nd. I also see a refund of $11.88 from our end. Can you confirm if the refund is now reflected on your bank account?

I’m having the same problem. I need this order canceled ASAP because of an emergency and I have sent several messages with no reply. Please help

Hey Rodney, so sorry, but I see your order has already been delivered. Please return any unopened product to the address below, including your name and order number.

Huel Returns
14401 Sovereign Road
Suite 101
Fort Worth, TX 76155

Once you ship the return, send me the tracking number and I will issue a full refund.