Huel First impressions/ Questions

I ordered Ready to drink Huel, To try a Huel only diet for 30+ days. The ordering process as far as the site is concerned was great, easy to navigate, The UI is intuitive But Why do you only allow an order of 8 Cases at a time? Because of this i spent only a quarter of what i would have because there was not a incentive to buy bulk. The second issue i ran into was payment AND SHIPPING! WHY do you only take paypal and amazon as payment processors? Get a stripe account… Paypal and Amazon very frustrating almost didn’t order because of this. Now to shipping No shipping options available, I needed it By 8/15 ordered on 8/10, Why is there not an 2-day or overnight option available? Imo these things really hold back the potential of the product due to simple operational steps that dont make it easy or convenient for the customer, I would really like some solid answers here. Other than that will update results with the 30 day diet, super excited.


Just be braced for this: 8/10 was a Saturday. Their shipment warehouse is closed on weekends, so they won’t even look at the order till today, the 12th. And then the soonest the order would leave out is tomorrow 8/13.

The 15th might be cutting it close. You may end up drinking some Soylent from Target for a day or two waiting for your shipment. So be prepared for that possibility.

Heyo! We may expand our purchasing options in the future–but bulk ordering isn’t the main focus just yet. We accept debit/credit cards and Amazon + Paypal, yes. We are hoping to add more forms of payment soon. Shipping is already super fast, but like the first two statements–we may look into this! A lot of “may” here.

Let me know how you like it :slight_smile: