Methods for effectively mixing V3.0?

I found I was able to effectively mix the previous version of Huel by adding water first, then the two scoops of powder second, then adding a handful of ice third, then adding a bit more water fourth, then capping and shaking (typically sideways or upside down) fifth, then topping it off through the spout and shaking again sixth. Any other procedure tended to leave significant clumps, whereas this procedure only rarely left them.

I broke into my 3.0 Huel today and I haven’t been able to find an effective way to get clump-free Huel by shaking. I recognize that blending the Huel may be effective, but it isn’t a viable option at work, and I rarely have access to refrigeration so I can’t prepare a lunch shake the night before.

Has anyone found a successful method for mixing this new Huel using nothing more than what you would find at, say, a McDonald’s? I paused my subscription while trying to figure this out; I probably won’t quit using Huel entirely if I have to start blending it, but I’ll have to cut usage down by ~75% and adjust my subscription accordingly.

Have you considered blending at home and taking in an insulated food bottle or thermos?

I don’t refrigerate and my 150g/800ml “lunch” stays perfectly cool from 7a until noon.

On pizza lunch day, i kept my Huel until dinner and it was fine.

I blend my huel the night before and store in my 32 ounce insulated bottle, placing in the fridge overnight. I use just slightly less water than I want for the final volume to accommodate what I do the next day. Next day I pull it out of the refrigerator and put ice cubes into the insulated bottle and recap it and take it to work. The ice will melt slowly over time, adding more total volume. I then shake the bottle a few times before drinking and the final product is very smooth.

if I wanted to last even longer I can also bring in a small insulated lunch bag and even toss in one of those blue recyclable cooler packs that I just bring home and throw in the freezer every day. Just like Mike, above, I can easily keep my Huel cold for up to 8 hours. in fact there are a few times where the ice is not fully melted because the cooler pack and lunch bag are so effective. But the point is by using this insulated bottle and or cooler pack in my lunch bag it opens up a ton of options. I can blend my huel. I can add all kinds of things to it that would not be possible with a shaker.

I never have to use a fridge at work using this method.

I’m not sure I can bring enough insulation to stand up to the heat all day (we’re not talking an air conditioned office building here), particularly if I want to keep bringing multiple shakes, but I’ll keep it in mind. Of course, the whole reason I started drinking Huel is because of how easy it was to prepare, and if I have to do all of that…

Since both responses focused on blending, does that mean that Huel V3.0 just isn’t made for hand-mixing? Quite a shame, if so.

I have had good success by making it as normal, water, scoops, shake, water, shake but I added a mixing ball and I let it set for a few minutes after the second shaking until it thickens up a little. I give it another good shaking and I’ve been good to go. A few quick shakes before a drink if it’s been sitting for a bit has kept it mixed. It almost gets me to the same consistency as 1.1. Seems like some of the new ingredients take longer to soak up water … maybe. I’d say try a mixing ball as a cheap easy place to start.

My approach is a bit primitive, but it works for me. I typically use the shaker provided by Huel only, just add water right before I drink it, and drink out of the shaker. Guess I got into the habit of drinking Huel a bit slowly so it’s easier to digest (like some do with fresh juices). So, I don’t mind encountering a few clumps while I’m drinking it, but I don’t like to waste the ‘sludge’ at the bottom. After I’ve nearly finished it and approach the sludge, I add a little more water and shake it again. That usually breaks up the remaining clumps and makes it drinkable. (Even with clumps, I find Huel’s creamy texture to be still far better than the chalky texture of similar products, e.g., Jake.)

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I’m on the same quest too. It seems that the second the Huel powder hits water it instantly transforms into solid lumps, which I don’t remember being the case with the previous version. But I digress…

The one technique that I’ve found works reasonably well is to add 400ml of water, add the Huel, then shake for about 30 seconds. Then top-up with water and shake again. Then…and this seems to be the key…let it set for a few minutes and shake for a third time. At that point I was able to get out most of the clumps. It’s really that third shake that seems to make all the difference.

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