Undissolved clumps

I mix my Huel with room temperature water every day (then throw it in the freezer to thicken up). I’ve noticed that no matter how much I shake it, I always end up with a few clumps of un-dissolved powder in the bottom of my Huel shaker after I’ve finished. Any suggestions on how to keep his from happening?

That used to happen to me when I just put the dry powder in first and then dumped water in on top of it. To prevent that, now I always add a little water to the shaker first, then the powder, then some more water on top it (just enough to cover the powder so I’ll still have some empty room in the shaker to really shake it around). Then I put the lid on and shake for 10 seconds or so, then I open the spout and add in enough additional water to fill the shaker. Then I close the lid and shake again to incorporate the new water.


If it helps, this is how I do it and I never have that problem.

Start with about 9 oz of water and about six oz of ice cubes. Add about 3/4 of your powder and shake for about 5 seconds or until the powder is well mixed. The ice really helps with the mixing. Then add the rest of your power and mix again. Then add more water if needed through spout, shake again. Enjoy ice cold.

I put in crushed ice and then fill the shaker to the 15 ounce line, put in 2 scoops, shake 10 seconds, then fill it up to the 25 ounce line and shake another 10 seconds. I never have any lumps. I try to put in just enough ice so that it will mostly be melted by the time I’m done shaking it.

IIRC, there are directions on the bag. I’ve always followed them and have no problems.


I don’t use ice cubes, but I make my shakes at night and leave them in the refrigerator overnight.