Is two shakes a day enough to lose weight

Hi totally New to this I was planning on having a shake for breakfast, and either a another at lunch or a small regular meal at lunch and then at dinner time basically I would alternate when I have the second one, either lunch or dinner. Is two shakes enough or do I have to do 3 a day ?

2 Huel shakes a day sounds very reasonable. I lost a lot of weight over a year consuming one Huel shake a day as replacement for my work meal. I also did other stuff that contributed to weight loss, but Huel was only part of my dietary equation. Since it’s a nutritionally rounded complete meal, you can use it as often or as infrequent as you like.

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I actually only do one a day and I’ve been losing. I plan on moving to two a day in the future but honestly, it works for me at one a day.

I do a 4 oz greek yogurt for breakfast, a P3 (turkey/almond/cheese) snack mid morning, Huel around 1230-1pm, protein bar an hour before the gym (like 3pm-ish), orange after the gym and then I dinner - usually chicken breast, rice and some kind of vegetable. I’m also fasting from 7pm to 9am daily. I also track like a beast on MyFitnessPal and pretty much weigh everything I eat before I eat it.

This might not be the exact plan for you - like maybe you can’t weigh everything you eat. But push the water, move around a bit every day and hit the Huel at least once a day. If you balance whatever else you eat - like nix the pizza lol, be smart about what you’re eating that isn’t Huel - you’ll lose weight.