How fast do you drink your Huel?

Hi All,

On my first week still and just doing one Huel per day so far.

I find that when I get a good flavor combo I tend to drink the shake in about 10 - 15 mins. Can go way longer if I miss on the flavor.

Is there a recommended pace (I may have missed it in the guide booklet) for consuming Huel? Is drinking Huel quickly more likely to cause distress similar to wolfing down a meal too quickly? Should I be pacing myself or have you found it doesn’t really matter?


Kinda. I find it’s “dose dependent”. The more scoops I put into my Huel meal, the slower I need to consume it to minimize GI symptoms. But with a smaller amount, I can consume it rather quickly. It also depends on how much food is still in the intestines/stomach from the previous meal. If I’ve been fasting for 16 hours, then drinking a 3 scoop Huel meal with other additives is no problem. It also seems to depend on how much water you consume around the same time (or, how dilute you make it).

The high fiber and the pea plant protein powder are the components of Huel I think that can cause issues in some people.

If you aren’t having any issues, then great. But it’s possible to get gas and bloating as you increase the total dose (or total daily dose) of Huel scoops. If that happens, you’ll want to drink it slower, lower the scoops per dose, or split the dose into two consumptions xx minutes apart or something to that effect. Diluting the Huel mix or simply drinking a bit of water after the Huel to dilute it in the stomach may also help. If you find it is hard to pass stools, then definitely drinking more water is needed. Ever eat a Fiber One Bar and not drink enough water?

Short answer is: yes, it is entirely possible to get some unwanted GI side effects from Huel if you drink a lot of it and/or too fast.

Thanks for the excellent, detailed reply!

Word. Just ease into it. There’s a lot of fiber in Huel. More than most of us are used to. The ground flaxseed goes a loooong way :slight_smile:

However, the fiber is good for us and lowers the glycemic index of foods. So it’s a double-edged sword.


I mix in 3 scoops and some ice cubes, blend in the ninja 10 seconds, pour it in the blender bottle, down it in 5-10 seconds. Meal done.

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I down mine too. Something oddly satisfying about consuming a complete meal and just carrying on with my day while the masses are tethered to their chairs and tables, slicing and scooping food with their arcane utensils. Mwahahaha… :smiling_imp:


Yeah. Now that I have discovered a few flavor combos that work well for me I drink it just slowly enough to not wear it most days…

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Total noobs. They need to git gud at eating.