Drink it Fast or Slow?

Hello everyone!

I have my first order of Huel on the way and I’m very excited to get started on this new program. I’m thinking I’ll use Huel for breakfast and lunch and then eat a regular, chewable dinner.

Anyhow, I have done quite a bit of research on this stuff but there’s one thing people seem split on: whether to drink Huel fast or slow. Some claim chugging it makes you feel full longer and others feel the opposite.

Any insight from personal experience would be much appreciated.

I’ve been enjoying reading all of your posts; they’ve been very insightful and I look forward to joining this community!


Can’t wait to hear more feedback about this.

Hey Jeff! Welcome! The honest truth is that it’s going to be different for everyone because our bodies and dietary needs are unique. Personally, I simply cannot drink my Huel fast. Ask @Sothan_Huel who is always making fun of me for sipping on my Huel for like 3-4 hours. :grimacing: But others prefer a super quick meal, up to you! Keep us updated on what you think about Huel and feel free to reach out for more advice along the way.:relaxed:

for me i just drink it a my normal speed i say drink at your normal pace fast or slow shouldn’t make a difference as far as being full longer

for me, it depends on the day, and how busy i am. i eat at my desk, and sometimes i can pound it in ~10 minutes, other days it takes about an hour. honestly, see what works for you!

IMO, either method makes me feel full. The speed I drink it depends on how much time I have to consume it and how my stomach might feel if I drink it too fast. I make my dinner dose as a full 30 ounces of fluid total so chugging that might not be so pleasant.

In general, drinking it slower might reduce any bloating or gas you might experience when first trying it. There is a good amount of fiber in it.


I drink my meal over the course of about 10 minutes, then refill the shaker bottle about halfway with more cold water, shake to suspend any sediment, and drink that quickly. I have no problem feeling full for 5-6 hours doing it this way.

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If I have prepared it right, I could drink it quickly but usually consume it within 20 minutes. I am still adjusting how thick/thin I like it, and like @Kamidanshir mentioned, if it’s thick enough, I too will add more water to the bottom half of it to drink the rest up.

I have been using for about 8 days. I started out introducing it slowly to reduce any unwanted bodily reactions. I now consume a 3 scoop huel for lunch in about 15 to 20 minutes. I’m full for 4 to 5 hours and do not have food cravings like I used to.


I have tried it both ways, and in general I think it is better to drink it slowly, if time permits, to reduce the gastric load you put on your body. It takes energy to digest food, and for me at least, the more food I consume at once, the more my body focuses on digestion rather than mental or physical activity as far as energy is concerned.
The reason for this being in part, due to circulation being increased in the digestive organs and decreased in other areas.

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