Carry on or time to quit?

I started Huel 5 days ago and it’s not going well. Bloated, gassy and shits… I’ve come from an already healthy diet so not what I expected from Huel.

I’m only have 1 shake a day and today even went down to 1 scoop and although symptoms slightly better, it’s far from good.

The question is, is there any point in carrying on if I can’t even stomach 1 scoop? Seems like something in Huel doesn’t agree with me. I’ve frequently used MyProtein Wholefood which has higher protein and fibre than Huel but I don’t suffer any side effects after having that.

Tempted to cut my losses and return my other pouch. Anyone else been through this while consuming such little Huel

You mentioned you were already consuming a healthy diet so I’m not sure if it’s the increase in fiber in your case. What are you mixing your Huel with?

I’m using vanilla flavour Huel and just mixing with water, so yesterday I had 50g scoop with 250ml of water.

I’ll be giving Huel another go today. I’ll try increasing the water to 350m and also slow down my drinking. This is some of the advice I’ve seen online so I’ll see how that goes

When I first started using instant, nutritionally complete foods there was an adjustment period. And yes, you should drink it slowly. It is not a fruit shake. I take at least 1-2 hours to consume a full meal, sometimes more. Often I will sip at it throughout the afternoon.