Correct way to drink huel black

New to this. Been using black for a couple weeks. Replaced breakfast and lunch with it. I have lost 10 pounds as of this morning. How am I supposed to drink it though? I have been shaking it for about 30 seconds and chugging it. I was wandering if it’s ok to chug or if I’m supposed to drink it slower. Also about an hour later after drinking it I’m starving. It’s worser In the morning. Also work has gotten a little more hectic in the last 2 months. I’m working 17 hour days 6 days a week and when I’m home I’m working

I nuke mine to scorching, smash and smooth out as many clumps as possible, then do a repeated spoon dip to mouth motion (because I’m impatient and can’t wait for it to cool down) until my vessel is empty. I don’t think there is a ‘correct’ way to consume it, probably whatever method works best for you.

Hey @Deercreek - welcome to the US Huel forum :slight_smile:

If you find that you tolerate it ok when consuming quickly, that’s completely fine, but I would recommend if possible to try and consume it over 10-15 minutes or so.

How are you preparing your Huel (how much fluid, how many scoops, what kind of fluid)?

I know you mentioned you now have Huel for breakfast and lunch. What do you tend to have for dinner and do you have any snacks throughout the day too?

I also wanted to note that while you can prepare Huel powders (v3.0, Black Edition, & Complete Protein) warm below boiling, we recommend Huel powders be prepared cold. The Huel shaker also isn’t suitable for hot liquids so Huel powders should not be prepared/consumed in the Huel shaker if you are preparing it warm or hot.

Just to confirm - are you referring to Huel powder or Hot and Savory @lafleur?

Let me know!

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I was exaggerating a bit, I just nuke it until it’s hot in a microwavable mug-I prefer it hot over cold because I like it more creamy and less gritty. :slight_smile:

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I do 400 calories of powder in 400 ml of water
Immersion blender until the bubbles break and it is smooth, then chug it down usually in one go.

My wife thinks that’s weird

I know i just housed 400 calories and I’ve been doing it fur a while - so i know it takes a few minutes for my stomach to signal my brain that i just topped up the tank. It’d be easy to eat additional snack, but I’ve done that before and typically regret it.

You might feel fuller if you take more time. Even without “chewing” there does seem to be an internal counter that registers more sips as actually consuming more food.