How do you flavor your Huel?

Thank you for all this! Looking forward to trying some of these!


Thank you for posting this good topic.


I do this:–water, huel, ice cubes, lemon-raspberry crystal light. LOVE!! I live the idea of coffee creamer. Will have to try that.


For a while, I was really trying to transition completely away from caffeine (especially coffee) so was substituting Pero for my morning Joe. (Pero is a mixture of barley, chicory and (?)rye, powdered and mixed like instant coffee…zero caffeine, and very low in calories.)

When mixed with Vanilla Huel (in a stronger concentration than I typically did with just hot water), it creates a nice “almost a coffee milkshake” experience. Best part is it’s helping me get rid of my bulk purchase of Pero from a year ago. :slight_smile:


I put unsweetened huel in some mapo tofu. Mixed it in, then heated it in the oven. It’s aight. Not sure if I’d recommend it

My best Huel so far has been adding peanut butter and Ovaltine malt chocolate mix. I also add maca powder to it, which is a superfood.

ALSO, instead of coffee I’ve mixed it with Dandy Blend (an instant coffee replacement powder made from dandelion and chicory roots). This has been very good also (with or without cacao powder).

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Whoa. I never heard of this. It appears this one is caffeine free, which I prefer. I may look into it.

I drink Kaffree Roma every day:

There’s also Pero Instant, for the win.


@boles and @Hiram_Crespo ust got my Dandy Blend last night and had it twice. Good stuff. Today I also added in a heaping teaspoon of the Huel chocolate cocoa flavor mix. It was like hot chocolate, minus the sweetness/sugar and minus the lactose stomach cramps. I think we’ve got a winner here.


Dandy Blend looks great! Will add it to my next order cart!

Dandy Blend is not sold by Huel. I get it from amazon, but you can buy it at whole foods.

Dandy Blend + Huel cocoa powder boost + oat milk as creamer + optional half pack of stevia. A rich, hot chocolate minus the lactose. Tastes great.

This thread is dead but the first time I tried Huel, I did the three scoops Chocolate Huel, two or three frozen bananas, a bunch of plant milk, two tablespoons of either peanut/cashew/sunflower butter and a huge amount of pomegranate seeds. I would dump half of the seeds and just kind of eat it with a spoon. I eat the seeds and all, it is delicious but filling because I think mine had a lot of calories. I like it like that though.

That is enough for two lunches

But probably reasonable for dinner

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I use it for breakfast lol, I got a physical job so it doesn’t pay to be low calorie. I suffer if I get less calories energy wise, I’ll feel like a zombie. I should say I eat only breakfast and dinner but my lunch is sort of a light snack to cut down on time.

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I’ve always added a spoonfull of instant coffee to my Vanilla Huel.