Huel flavor enhancements

What do you use to enhance flavor?

I use fruit oil extracts from the baking isle at my local grocery store, or ordered from Amazon. Just a drop or two changes the entire flavor profile. Also, honey seems to be the most effective, healthy sweetener, but to remain full vegan, agave is a close second.
Love my Huel!


The banana and chocolate flavor boosters from Huel are pretty great. Didn’t care for mint chocolate though. Haven’t tried the others.

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For blending in the blender there are a ton of options:

  • Frozen berries of your choice. I use blue and straw
  • Banana, fresh or frozen. Add peanut butter as option.
  • Applesauce. Add peanut butter as option.

Spices like cinnamon or pumkpin pie spice go very well with vanilla Huel. Also goes well with applesauce and/or banana and/or peanut butter

  • Mix Huel with milk or milk/water combination

  • Chocolate Huel additive, or just use nonsweetened cocoa powder from store. This also blends well with banana and/or peanut butter.

  • Artificial sweeteners like Iso-Splash brand

  • A few people like using milk and then adding some macha green tea powder (although this has quite a bit of caffeine)

  • Frozen berry packets like Acai Berry also work really well. Something like this:

Those options as tasty as they are, alll add caloric content to the shake.
I was focusing my question on keeping the shake as simple as it is straight from huel.

I personally love using simple flavor options such as using cold brew instead of water, adding a splash of hazelnut coffee creamer, mixing strawberry and chocolate flavor boosts, or adding seasoning like turmeric, cinnamon, and ginger. No blender = little effort for busy days. :ok_hand:

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