How can we improve Huel? (both product and service)

SO FUCKING TRUE!!! I love Huel!


New Here! This may be on this thread already but a better way to seal up the powder packages once opened. the zip seal never meets and the bag pops off any clips I use.


I use those Black office clips. They never come off.


I’d like to purchase a small sample pack of new products in the future. I bought four bags of the Hot meals because I like the protein shakes. So far, I’ve tried two (Yellow Coconut Curry and Mac n Cheese) and I don’t like either one. I’ll probably order again from Huel because I like the complete-meal idea, but I’d like to try a one-serving packet of a new product before I order another big bag.


Two words;
Sampler Pack

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Bring back Peanut Butter!

Sell Huel Black at Vitamin World in the United States of America.

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Change the amount of servings per package. 15 in a pack, 14 in a pack, 10 in a pack, 28 in a pack.17 is one of the worst possible number of servings in a bag. It’s a prime number. It makes it much more difficult to plan out the amount of Huel you need to order. That can be quite frustrating.

Changing from tapioca to oats in Huel Black would also be a nice adjustment to the formula.

Adjusting the Huel Greens formula would be important, even if it means increasing the cost. Currently, the formula is incredibly underdosed. The proprietary blend makes it impossible for the consumer to know the actual dosages, but the fact that the adaptogen blend contains 173 mg is incredibly disappointing. There will not be any effect from such a low dose. The presence of tapioca starch is also confusing, I do not understand why that would be included when it includes no nutrients whatsoever.

Also, sampler packs would be nice.

Suggested website feature: in your Huel account, there should be a place where you can “upvote” or “downvote” all of the Huel product lines that you have tried. I’ve ordered a bunch, but I forget which ones I like, especially for Huel ready to drink sampler packs.

Thanks for the feedback! We do send a survey after ordering to see how you get on.

Would this be more of a product-specific voting system to gather personal preferences to keep track of for yourself personally?

Yes, for me​ to keep track of my personal preferences.

Ok I see what you’re saying, I’ve passed your suggestion across to our e-commerce team to see if this is something that can be looked into.

I figure someone has already mentioned it, but adding the ability to have one-time orders just send with the next subscription shipment in order to save on shipping costs would be nice. (this would probably just include accessories and clothing, since we can add meal items to subscriptions already)

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Offering a “silver” or “gold” branded Huel providing lower keto-friendly daily RDA carb values is essential and higher fat content to promote and maintain ketosis.

There is an enormous and still untapped low carb sector of the economy currently being held back from Huel and Huel Black due to the excessive carbs.

This is a very interesting suggestion! I will pass it along to the wider team. Stay tuned, as you never know what we may come out with in the future😊

More flavours for the gluten-free option, especially unflavoured/unsweetened.

I think it would be cool if Huel offered a low fiber/fiber free option so that people could customize the fiber content. A lot of people don’t tolerate the high amount of fiber in Huel and it’s super easy to add in more fiber for people that want/need it, whereas there’s no way to lower the fiber thats already in the product. I think it would definitely help build the consumer base of people who use Huel and products like it for GI problems.