HELP! First time Huel user thought it tasted horrible

Okay so I have started the Huel process, I am needing to lose weight a lot of it!!

This morning I put 3 scoops with 500ml water and ice. I took my first sip and it was horrible I had a hard time not spitting it out.

I could not handle the texture and the taste it was gross all the little grainy stuff in the water made me gag a lot.

I read all about blending it with fruit and syrups and what not but I’m doing this for the convienence and losing weight by not adding a bunch.

I really need this to work halllp !!

I have used it for a while and similarly don’t want to wash a blender every day. I found one of those little metal spring ball things they sell with protein shakers, so if you have one of those I highly recommend using it for a better texture. If not, the ice guard that comes with the Huel shaker is almost as effective at mixing. As for the taste, if you need to lose weight, you may need to adjust your priorities. Huel doesn’t taste bad, so to make it taste better I advise not eating as much sugar the rest of the time.

wow! Well that’s very judemental to think just because I am looking to lose weight means I eat a lot of sugar? And also to assume everyone’s taste buds is the same. Also I’m pretty sure if you look through the forum 70% of people can’t stand the taste so yea … thanks for not helping at all.

Some easy additions I use include unsweetened 100% cocoa powder, powdered peanut butter, and cinnamon. Not all together though. Also, I like to add about 75ml of Bolthouse Farms plant protein milk (made with pea protein like Huel). Others use regular milk, almond milk, or really any other kind of milk.


I don’t really think he meant it that way… Sugar is in absolutely everything now a days. Even in things you wouldn’t imagine! Generally things with sugar alter your taste buds so you need more and more each time to taste the sweet. By checking the ingredients in all your meals and purchases, you can pick out things with less or no sugar and get your taste buds back to normal.

For the flavor, I recommend mixing the water with instant coffee for convenience or cold brew if you have a little more time.

You could also add some vanilla essence or some Hershey’s unsweetened cocoa powder, which only adds 10 calories per serving.

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So like said in my OP it’s not the taste as much as the texture it’s like there is grains floating in my water …

I’ll concur that a blender helps with the texture (though it never gets silky smooth). If you don’t want to wash a blender every time a handheld immersion blender works just as well IMO.

Letting it sit in the fridge for a couple hours or overnight helps a lot with the grainy texture. The oats and flax will absorb some of the water and become much smoother. And you did say “I could not handle the texture and the taste it was gross” which is why we are recommending flavor additions as well.


Peanut butter helps the texture. Good luck!

The topic title is also “…thought it tasted horrible” so I took priority on that issue.

They sell water bottle type blenders that are battery powered for on the go shakes. Blending always helps the texture, but adding fruit and other items also help out.

Hey @Baumgart2! I see you’ve gotten a lot of helpful tips already. To help change the texture, we recommend either blending your Huel or leaving it in your refrigerator overnight to help thicken it. :slight_smile:

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Do you use UU or Vanilla Huel? Did you use the Huel shaker? Did you use refrigerated (cold) water?

16oz (500ml) water in the Huel shaker with refrigerated water is thick and sweet.

You could try downing it really fast without giving your tongue a chance to taste it.

You could also try blending it with things like milk and protein powder.

Honestly when the very first time I tried it I was kind of like, hmm… I’m not sure about this because I didn’t mix it very well, but I chugged it down anyways. Never been a problem ever since.

Agreed. Peanut butter makes everything better.

I’ve also found that applesauce makes the Huel texture smoother as well. 1 or 2 tablespoons in my Huel mix.

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Hi @Baumgart2!
One thing no one else mentioned is you should not use ice. That’s bound to mess up the texture.
I’m the worlds pickiest person and I like it and all my friends who I have let try it like it. (Remember the forums are mostly people who mostly people who are having trouble).
But my method If you want to try it:

  1. Make it the night before It tastes so much better!
    (I actually double this and use Huel for breakfast and lunch.)
  2. Put room temp 500mL of water into a blender
  3. Put Blender “jar” on a scale, zero it, add the 127g Huel powder
  4. Blend water and Huel
  5. Put blend in Huel shaker and then stick in fridge overnight
  6. When you are ready to eat it in the morning it be too thick. I recommend adding 50ml of room temp water at a time and giving it a good shake until you like the thickness. (I personally add 100-150ml.) For me there is a too thick and a too thin area where I don’t like it. So a little trial and error is good.
  7. At the end of step 3 you can add flavoring if that helps you. Sometimes, I like to add ¼ teaspoon of cocoa powder. It makes it taste like cookie dough and for me that makes the texture feel a little more natural.
    I hope that helps!
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Thanks for all the helpful tips, Megan! I just wanted to clarify something for anyone who is new to the product - Huel is super versatile, so much so that practically no two people make their Huel exactly the same way. Oddly enough, I’ve even noticed my preferences change over time. I used to prefer Vanilla Huel left overnight in the fridge, made with less water to be extra thick. Now I add more water, don’t leave it in the fridge overnight, and mix the U/U and Vanilla Huel. From time to time, I’ll add ice cubes for an extra chilled Huel and I love it! All this is to say, that everyone makes their Huel differently, so saying things like not to use ice isn’t a one size fits all. On another note, Huel cookie dough flavor sounds amazing!!

@Teresa_Huel Absolutely! I love the versatility and vary it up quite often. I was just specifically trying to give directions for the smoothest texture I could think of, without a crazy number of extra steps or add ins, Since the OP was saying they were having texture issues.
I love the idea of a cookie dough flavor boost pack!


x 3 for the cookie dough.

If Huel could create a cookie dough flavor additive, I’d definitely try it.